5 Core Values: Growth

For the next few weeks, I’ll be sharing in depth about my Core Values.  This week, we’re looking at Growth.


I am one of those gals who is constantly trying to grow, personally and professionally.  It’s easy to get off track or feel discouraged when you don’t feel as if you are meeting the goals you had set out.  For instance, this daily blogging about my core values hasn’t happened as I’d hoped, but I’m giving myself some grace in the events that have happened in my life as of late.  I am happy to share one way my striving for growth in my core values will shape this a bit. 

Some of the areas of life I was going to tackle in my growth pursuit posts this week included my health, time management, finances  and my Scentsy business.

Although it won’t hit all of those areas, the month of May is going to be a great month of growth for our family.  This weekend, the beau and I will sit down to talk through our month, look at the calendar and make a list of our goals for growth during our “reset” month.  Many of you know about some of the craziness that has happened in our life recently and May ushers in a bit of a new season for us.  The beau will not be taking classes and things will settle considerably for me as the spring semester is winding down at work.  Yes, we still have finals and commencement, but it will be much less stressful.  I’m really hopeful this will allow us some time to grow.

We did a food reset in October and have never felt better, so we know that it will ultimately result in some great things health wise across the board–mental, physical, spiritual and emotional.   Sometimes I look at the list of things we hope to do and get a little anxious–it does seem like we’re biting off quite a bit.  However, I’m confident now more than ever that it’s the time to make it happen.  I’ll be back with a full report on Monday, but here are a few things we’re looking at:

  • eating whole
  • killing our TV
  • observing the Sabbath
  • not missing any days on our individual challenges (me-certain # of squats each day, the beau-certain # of push ups per day)
  • going to the gym 3 times each week in the AM for weights
  • jogging at LEAST 2 times each week
  • me-utilizing our Y membership by going to a few group classes (hello ZUMBA!–I’m gonna give you another chance!)
  • the beau-doing some physical activity during the lunch hour
  • not spending any money Monday-Friday except for gas and groceries

Stay tuned for an update!