Weekend Update-January 9-10

We had a really great weekend.  Friday night was the first pizza night of 2010 and it was fun!  We had a pesto chicken pizza with red onion and tomato and watched Ghosts of Girlfriends Past.

We went into Saturday having  just 1 plan: attend the UK Gymnastics Team Excite Night.  We ended up having a fairly full day after breakfast and errands and then meeting up with friends to eat before the match while watching the UK vs. UGA basketball game and the Cincinnati Bengals game. We also were able to score some snow boots for myself since we’ve already had a couple snows and I had ZERO boots.

Excite night was great!  The GymCats did a fantastic job and killed Texas Women’s University with a final score of 194.850-187.250!!! Since this was Excite Night, there were lots of additions–UK Dance Team, Wildcat and Scratch were both in attendance.  Our friend Chris did a great job as the announcer…there were many times I would think–man that guy is good totally forgetting that guy’s my big bro!  🙂

Here are a few pics! Enjoy!


Weekend Update

We had a pretty busy weekend, but considering we are headed to Virginia for a WEEK this afternoon, we were okay with that busy-ness!  🙂  That’s right.  We are taking some extra days and getting to spend the time in Virginia…let me just say, I am SO excited!

Friday night we attended a Pancake Dinner sponsored by Sigma Kappa and my, oh my…were those pancakes good!  Saturday, I was at the University of Louisville for a Careers in Student Affairs Conference sponsored by CPAK.  It was a great conference and I was so glad to see so many undergrads and graduate students interested in this profession.

Lewie hung out with a friend on Saturday while I was in Louisville and after I returned we had dinner and then played Trivial Pursuit.  Man, oh man.  I suck at that game.  I understand it’s a great game to play to increase your knowledge, but it just makes me feel really dumb.  Oh well, we had a good time (for the most part)  😉

Sunday was good singing at church and a “typical” lazy Sunday that included a little less laziness as we prepared for our trip to Virginia.

Not sure about the frequency of my posts while on a  mini-vacay, but we’ll see.  Happy Thanksgiving to everyone out there…

Weekend of Rest…

Every once in a while we all need a weekend of rest.  We often go about our days 90 to nothing doing the same routine (or a routine of crazy-no-day-is-ever-the-same), hit the sack with barely enough momentum to think through what actually happened (yes this is an over-analyzer speaking here).  I’ve spent many a Mondays just trying to get through on the first day back.  Many a Friday not wishing the day away, but keeping my eye on the clock and how fast it ticks toward 5pm.

After a few weeks of feeling this way, we were very fortunate to have a weekend of rest.  A weekend where we made our Friday Night Pizza tradition a reality (we are loving this by the way…stay tuned for more), and also a night to start up the last push through season 1 of Friday Night Lights. Not being one to watch a lot of television, but this is REALLY good TV.

Saturday was much of the same–started out the day with breakfast and went through 2 pots of coffee as we finished season 1.  It was a beautiful day out, so we got the bikes out.  We watched some college football.  We prepped dinner.  We relaxed.  We cleaned.  We did whatever we felt like.  We had no agenda.  No where to be.  Nothing we HAD to do.

Sunday we went to church, came home and made lunch, watched the Bengals whoop up on the Steelers and ventured to the library during halftime.  Again, we enjoyed a day with no agenda.

I know it isn’t always easy and especially as we cruise into the holiday season with weekends already full with parties, family gatherings and opportunities to give back.  Don’t forget to take some time to pull back and love those who are closest to you and take the time to regroup personally.  It’s easy to forget that without cherishing those with whom you share life on a daily basis with, you are just gonna run yourself into the ground and not be very fun to be around.  And when I say “you”, I’m really talking straight to myself.

Weekend Update

So we had a great weekend!  It was a little busy, but also allowed for great quality time with Lew and for us to have some good personal time and time with friends.

Friday night after attending the Phi Mu’s Spaghetti Dinner benefiting the Children’s Miracle Network, we went back home and began watching Friday Night Lights on DVD.  Lew had Netflixed the first few discs and we’re already half way through the second disk of season one.  It really is a great show, especially if you love football.  It’s simply good tv…a friend once said that Coach Taylor was the best example of a real man on TV, which is totally accurate.  Apparently I REALLY liked it, because I had a football dream in my sleep that night .  According to Lew, I woke up shouting “up the middle” around 5am.  I vaguely recall saying something, but all I really remember is Mark Richt being in the dream.  🙂

Saturday and Sunday were both beautiful fall days and we enjoyed a nice hike on Saturday at Raven’s Run in Lexington.  I sang in Andover this weekend for church so that occupied a lot of my time Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning, but we were still able to hang out with some friends Saturday evening and then enjoy a nice lunch on the patio yesterday and take in the Bengals win yesterday over the Ravens!

Lew is such a great husband!  When I got home from church yesterday, he had been working on lunch and knocked it out of the park.  I had instructions to go enjoy the sunshine on the patio while he finished up our stir fry rice and veggies with Pecan Encrusted Salmon!  Mmmmm…thankfully there was quite a bit of the “breading” leftover, so we’ll be enjoying that again soon!

Weekend Update

Friday was an absolutely gorgeous day!!! I had to sport a fun spring dress (as did many of the women on campus). Lewie came down and we headed over to Raven Run Nature Sanctuary. Who knew we had such a great little nugget of hiking trails and such in Lex! We had a great time and it was so great to be outside….we’ve had a great 4 months but, it’s mostly been spent inside, so it was great to get out and enjoy some beautiful natural creation.

After a nice dinner at Panera and a quick stop the Half Price Bookshop, we came back to Georgetown and enjoyed part of a showing of ‘Juno’ on the quad. There were quite a few students out and it was a great night to watch a movie–too bad there weren’t any stars out. 😦 Again–just being outside was great.

Saturday brought the Opening Day of Miracle League’s spring season. I’m thrilled to buddy with my boy Jonathan again–he and his twin Alexander are super cute 6 year olds who will be 7 in July. The distinction of these twins? Jonathan’s freckles. Oh yes, he was meant to be my buddy. 🙂

Saturday and Sunday I spent some extra time at St. Awesome’s on Vocal Team this weekend.

Sunday afternoon was pretty unproductive, but a dark realization of how much “stuff” I have to pack in the next month hit me. Mom’s coming down in late May to help me pack everything I’m hanging onto, so I have quite the task in the next few weeks to downsize…(deep sigh)…

Weekend Update

This past weekend I ventured to Cary, NC with my friends Kelly, Chris and Cher to visit our friends, Fred and Jen, who recently relocated there. Although it was a super quick trip, here are a few highlights:

– Leaving Lexington at 9:30pm on Friday night for an 8 hour drive
– Me driving the Tahoe through the Mountains
– Chris somehow “missing” his driving turn on the way down
-Great drive time convos with the crew
– Realizing we were going to end up at my aunts house in NC (who offered a place to nap and shower) at 4am
-Pulling in to Waffle Hizzy at 3am to “stall”.
-Laughing so hard at waffle house, I thought we were going to be asked to leave (or thrown waffles at)
-Pulling in to my aunts house at 5:45 am–thankfully uncle Tony was going out for a run at 5:50
-Visiting Anathoth, the community garden out of my Aunt’s Church, Cedar Grove United Methodist Church
– Spending quality time with Fred, Jen, Addy, and Colston (ps–Addy is my soul sister…)
-AMAZING weather–no kidding, it was 69 on Saturday!
-GREAT Food!!! Sweet Tomatoes, The Loop Pizza Grill, Lucky 32, and CARIBOU COFFEE!!!
Connections–such a great community. No Fred, we don’t think you guys are crazy. 🙂
-Watching “Diary of a Mad Black Woman” on the way home and Kelly and I quoting it from the front.
-Car Dancing
-Meeting my mom for dinner on the way home (YAY!)
-SLEEP (that actually happened on the return to Lex) 🙂

Needless to say, I’m already thinking of when I can go back. I absolutely loved Cary and Connections–such a great fit for the Turners. The girls were in mourning on Sunday (all in black–imagine that), but we couldn’t be more happy for Fred and Jen and the amazing community that already realizes what gems they’ve received.

LAST Weekend Update

So, I know it’s a week delayed, but this past week was….well, let’s just say I’m glad it’s over.

Last Friday night, I went to Azur with Cher, Kelly and their friend Trena who was in visiting from Cali. The chef at Georgetown is also a chef at Azur and I had been telling Miguel for months I was gonna come visit and this seemed like the right time. The food was amazing–probably the best I’ve had in…well, I can’t even remember. Cher had the Veal, Kelly and Trena the Mozzarella Chicken (which got my vote for best dish of the night) and I had the Gnocchi Crimini with Shrimp which was also really great! The wine was amazing, conversation even better, and the chocolate lava cake Kelly and I split topped off the night just right!

Saturday the 26th was a big day for me that I had been anticipating for a over a month. Lewie asked me to keep the day clear and that he had something he wanted me to see. He picked me up at 10:30 and we went for a “good ‘ole” breakfast at Cracker Barrel (best G’town has to offer) and then headed north. I knew we were going to see Juno (A-mazing!) at some point and that the “surprise” had ensued me bringing dress pants and heels to change into. After a pit-stop, we ended up at Newport on the Levee to see Juno (which again…was A-Mazing!). After the movie we decided to go to Brio for dinner and he asked if I wanted to know what the surprise was. “Um, no, I think I’ve waited for over a month, I can wait a few more hours.” NO!! Of course I wanted to know! Lewie scored tickets to Wicked-the musical! We talked about this on our first date–how his mom had just gotten tickets and I was dying to see it, but that due to the Greece trip, all “frivolous” things were off limits for the time being! The show was incredible. Absolutely, ridiculously, freaking-AMAZING!

Needless to say, it was an amazingly (didn’t see that one coming, did you?) unforgettable day!

Holiday Revue

It’s December 30th and although my last post was a mere 10 days ago, it seems as if that were a month ago. Here’s a quick holiday recap:

-Finished out the year with students on December 20th
-Had a fantastic Christmas gathering with the patio crew on the 21st–what a great, memorable year it has been with that crew (more on that to come)
-Was able to participate in the Christmas weekend services at Crossroads on Saturday and Sunday (22/23)
-Had a great Christmas date with my friend Kelly to our favorite restaurant and then to see “PS, I Love You.” Beautiful film, but horrible in that I was SOBBING and honestly could have gone through a 1/2 box of Kleenex.

The week in Virginia was amazing as well, but just as busy:

-Drove to Virginia on Christmas Eve and hung out that day with Mom
-Christmas Day was spent at my grandparents–we got there early and it was nice and quiet then in the afternoon everyone rolled in. We had a great time sharing the charitable organizations we donated to (in lieu of gifts this year)–very memorable. I think this will be a new family tradition.
-Watched movies with mom on the 26th and hung out with my dear friends from HS Kristi and Joe at our annual Barnes and Noble date and then saw Kandia and Jeremy (friends from HS who now live in Boston)
-Back to Grandma’s on the 27th to see family from Raleigh and for my annual date with friend Sarah (and now her husband Chase) in Roanoke. It was great catching up with my “college cousins” also–Sarah is a junior at NYU, and Zach is a freshman at UNC.
-Stayed overnight there and took my mom on her Christmas date on Friday–shopping, Olive Garden and Starbucks for a Carmel Apple Cider (to which mom asked if she could get a refill). Later that afternoon, the Stinson crew came in and then we headed home (in the POURING rain)
-Saturday was an early morning even though I was leaving as I had breakfast with Jena at Panera. It was great to see her (and the trip to TJMAxx was great too!)

So, needless to say, I’m renewed, yet exhausted. It’s now Sunday; I’ve arrived back in KY to an eventful night with the crew as we went to see Sweeny Todd at the Kentucky Theater. Bloodiest film I’ve ever seen. Not much more I can say about it. (Well, Johnny Depp was in it…)

My life is so full and I am so grateful for all the blessings. Stayed tuned as there will be more updates this week….

(PS–a week from today, I’ll be in GREECE!!! YEA!!!)

Weekend Update…

I had an AMAZING weekend in Georgia for my dear friends Sarah and Chase’s wedding. Some highlights:

  • Seeing my friends Sarah and Chase together for the first time since they’ve been dating. 🙂 They’ve been best friends for 3 years, but only started dating this past December and got engaged in January.
  • Spending some time with my aunt and enjoying her YUMMY grape salad!
  • Seeing my girl Jeremia–who hasn’t changed A BIT!!!
  • Hanging out with everyone at Chase’s house (now Sarah’s house too)Friday night–took me back to college days…
  • Getting a little ROSS fix. 🙂
  • Having the honor of singing in the wedding.
  • Seeing close to 30 sorority sisters and having a BLAST at the reception.
  • Doing the ChaCha Slide with the girls and watching Chase get down –even though he had the flu–so terrible :(.
  • Seeing lots of Bulldog paraphernalia. Go DAWGS!!!
  • Meeting up with my friends Michelle and Jason for lunch in Cleveland on the way home today.

I love these kinds of weekends!!!