LAST Weekend Update

So, I know it’s a week delayed, but this past week was….well, let’s just say I’m glad it’s over.

Last Friday night, I went to Azur with Cher, Kelly and their friend Trena who was in visiting from Cali. The chef at Georgetown is also a chef at Azur and I had been telling Miguel for months I was gonna come visit and this seemed like the right time. The food was amazing–probably the best I’ve had in…well, I can’t even remember. Cher had the Veal, Kelly and Trena the Mozzarella Chicken (which got my vote for best dish of the night) and I had the Gnocchi Crimini with Shrimp which was also really great! The wine was amazing, conversation even better, and the chocolate lava cake Kelly and I split topped off the night just right!

Saturday the 26th was a big day for me that I had been anticipating for a over a month. Lewie asked me to keep the day clear and that he had something he wanted me to see. He picked me up at 10:30 and we went for a “good ‘ole” breakfast at Cracker Barrel (best G’town has to offer) and then headed north. I knew we were going to see Juno (A-mazing!) at some point and that the “surprise” had ensued me bringing dress pants and heels to change into. After a pit-stop, we ended up at Newport on the Levee to see Juno (which again…was A-Mazing!). After the movie we decided to go to Brio for dinner and he asked if I wanted to know what the surprise was. “Um, no, I think I’ve waited for over a month, I can wait a few more hours.” NO!! Of course I wanted to know! Lewie scored tickets to Wicked-the musical! We talked about this on our first date–how his mom had just gotten tickets and I was dying to see it, but that due to the Greece trip, all “frivolous” things were off limits for the time being! The show was incredible. Absolutely, ridiculously, freaking-AMAZING!

Needless to say, it was an amazingly (didn’t see that one coming, did you?) unforgettable day!

I’m back!

Well friends, I’m back. After a long week of an amazing trip to Greece (which felt like a month, we packed so much in), I’m back in Georgetown soaking in the end of the first day of classes. Walking back from the Mulberry this morning, I heard a senior walking into one of our buildings saying “this is my last first day ever.” What a statement. Her last first day.

One thing I’ve learned in the past few weeks is that aren’t guaranteed tomorrow–who knows when your last first day will be. Not to be morbid, but realistic…each day we are given is a gift and I hope to make the most of each one I am blessed with.

If you visited the Greece blog at all last week, you realize that there were no updates. First, there were no computers (key in updating ones’ blog) and secondly, there was no time. Our last full day there, our wake up call was at 4:45 because we were flying back from Thessaloníki to Athens and then the day we left Athens: wake up call was at 2:30. Needless to say, many of us did not get that “wake up” call, as you must “go down” to get the “wake up call.”

It was definitely the trip of a life time and I’ve learned so much. The students I traveled with were great; the history that was awakened in me was so great–I have many books to re-read. It also really made me want to visit Greece again and all of Europe actually. Definitely adding that to my “Bucket List.” 😉

The Greece blog will be updated with each day’s events PLUS photos–they’ll just be a week behind. My computer is still scanning in the 360 photos taken on the trip–what can I say…I love photography. I’m just making the most of each day…

(pic is of me in Corinth on our first day–01/07)

I didn’t realize how much I liked baseball

I have this friend who had been relentless about this thing called the “Miracle League.” You see, he’s the announcer for this t-ball league for kids with mental and physical disabilities and all summer, it was non-stop.

“Are you gonna be a buddy?”

“Have you turned in your application?”

These kids have “buddies” that help them out during the game, run the bases with them, etc.

I knew I had to do it. I love kids and rarely get to interact with them.

This was it.

It truly was the highlight of my late/summer early fall. Hanging out with these kids in Lexington every Saturday morning was so great.

Click here for a great article by the Lexington Herald Leader on our team, the Cardinals.

Highlights from Fall…

I’m so thankful to work in a field that still gives me a fall break–I was definitely ready for one. My to-do lists during my visit to Virginia were full of things that fuel my soul: making apple crisp, playing cards with Mom, visiting my grandparents, making a visit to Claytor Lake, spending time with Kristi and Joe (best friends from HS).

The drive there and back felt as if I was in a Bob Ross painting. The leaves there were so much more vibrant than the trees here. Driving on Friday, the sun was shining and yesterday, the wind was blowing the dead leaves around on the highway–I felt like I was in a movie.

All of the above on my list were accomplished. I also added some thing to the list that weren’t originally on there–learning how to make meatloaf (I mean–I knew what was in there, just not really HOW to do it-thanks Mom!), learning to crochet, taking naps, spending every morning on Mom’s patio drinking coffee (well, the Foldgers Cappuccino “stuff”). I’m very thankful to have had a weekend that was SO rejuvenating (I mean how could you sit and look at the above photo and NOT feel refreshed).

I’m back in Georgetown now enjoying the rain, thanking God for the green grass. I feel like I received some rain this weekend–I’m feeling refreshed and ready to face the weeks ahead.

Yes…life is good

Originally uploaded by situatedgiblets.

Okay, so I “borrowed” this photo off Gibby’s page, but it just had to be posted since it includes so many of the things that were on my list from earlier this week…

-Laughing with friends. I mean really laughing…so hard you can barely breathe
-Patio eating
-The friends you see every day (or at least week) who make the possible mundane, not so mundane

Thanks for making an ordinary Tuesday EXTRAORDINARY!!!

Things I love…

I’ve been reminded lately of some of the things in life that make it…well, that make it great! Just thought I’d share some of my list…please post your additions!

  • Driving in the spring with the windows down through “country” roads (i.e. Newtown Pike back to Gtown). The best is when some great James Taylor comes on the radio…yes, it is so sweet to be loved by you.
  • Getting a call from a college friend you haven’t talked to in years.
  • Sunshine.
  • Laughing with friends. I mean really laughing…so hard you can barely breathe.
  • The Cosby Show. I LOVE me some Bill! It is a classic favorite. This leads me to my next favorite…
  • Stevie Wonder. I mean, really. Can you get any better (he’s right up there with U2 in my book). “I just called to say…”
  • Sunday afternoon naps outside. Yes, outside on a blanket in the sun. Heavenly.
  • Spring cleaning. Okay–so I procrastinate to get it done, but the feeling once it’s done–A-Mazing!
  • Trying on shoes with girlfriends….you know what I’m talking about. 🙂
  • Seeing your friends new baby for the first time.
  • “Orange Sky” by Alexi Murdoch
  • Talking with Mom on the phone, wishing it were in person.
  • Panera. That’s it. EVERYTHING Panera.
  • Hazelnut Coffee from Panera (I couldn’t resist).
  • The GAP Clearance Store. It’s a yard sale with cash registers.
  • iChing.
  • Patio eating in the summer….can EVERY restaurant have one installed, please?
  • Crisp pages in a new journal.
  • Worn out pages in a much loved journal.
  • The “reunion” friends–the ones you get together with maybe once a year, but in that one moment, night or weekend, all is well with the world.
  • The friends you see every day (or at least week) who make the possible mundane, not so mundane.

Thanks to those of you who make my life so great…