Weekly Roundup-March 9, 2012

**Get ready folks! I’ve got bookooh’s of photos in this post. How in the world do you spell that word anyways…**


  • Physical–Ran with Lex Ladies Run on Saturday and that was really great. It was really nice to run with people–even if I was much slower than most of them, just knowing they were out there and catching up with some of them at the end was really awesome. It was also really great to just be out there running part of the Run the Bluegrass Course! It’s absolutely beautiful! Now that the race is just 22 days away (ack!) I’m really getting excited, but also still very nervous. We are both getting back on the Paleo wagon after a few little slips here and there–it seriously makes us both feel so much better.
  • Spiritual–The Depth Group that I lead weekly with some college women has been studying Celebration of Discipline this year, which has always been one of my favorites. We had one of the best discussion of the year (in my opinion) on confession. It was really, really good. Sidenote–I’m always so challenged when talking with college students–being in the classroom for many of them who are studying theology or just in a required bible class gets them thinking in ways that I typically don’t. For instance, one student this week just casually said, “so Faith, what’s your view on predestination?” I had to honestly say, “well, I don’t really think about it that much, so let me think and then get back to you.” I’m the student in these situations. Okay–back to Depth group–really, really loved our discussion on confession. We talked about our salvation and how it is not necessarily an event, but an ongoing process and that we must constantly be in a state of seeking to be better, to grow, to change. We cannot do this on our own. We must constantly pursue Christ. It also brought me back to a quote I read in my devo time this week. From the book The Imitation of Christ, “Be not angry that you cannot make others as you wish them to be, since you cannot make yourself as you wish to be.” Ouch.
  • Creative–Definitely stepped this up but forgot to take photos! ACK! I will update, but I made the prayer sticks and the date night jar as well. Love them both! I’m looking forward to more things that I can do this Sabbath Sunday!
  • Home–Had a busy weekend, so we didn’t get much accomplished, but the week has been accomplished. It’s made us feel very busy–not sitting down for anything other than when we actually eat dinner, but good at the same time. We have been getting in our cleaning plan, which excites me as we are hosting our small group tonight and I don’t have to worry about our house being in disarray! Yay! Looking forward to a weekend of cleaning out and purging. We are such an over-stuffed society with stuff we just don’t need. We also finally got something put on the walls that had just been staring there since…Oh, January or so.


  • Personal–I’ve had a really great week and a really difficult week all balled into one. See twitter messages from Tuesday and then the two from Wednesday:

Not that I’m proud of my chick-fil-a run, but, it is what it is.

Mom Update: Mom got her back brace and will be able to wear it when she’s walking or going to visit family or on an errand run like she has been today. Still down and struggling a bit, but thankful for some encouraging

Yummy Recipes! Several things to share on this front this week. I made a batch of my pumpkin muffins for a treat last week and finally remember to snag the photos!

Pumpkin Dark Chocolate Muffins (GF/Paleo) Ingredients


I made some delish stuffed peppers last night that I found from this new favorite food blog. I added some cauliflower rice and it made 6 very stuffed peppers! The best part-another crockpot meal to my lineup! SCORE!

Mexican Pulled Chicken Stuffed Peppers (and the lineup of kitchen tools)

And finally. Green Smoothies. Our new favorite (after we buckled down and scored a new blender). We’ve had one every day. Yum. And I PROMISE you cannot taste the spinach. How awesome is is to have taken in that much spinach before you even get to work! I found the recipe here (finally!) after literally googling “green smoothie dole cup” (click link to see what I mean). One of those times I was kicking myself for NOT pinning something initially seen on pinterest.

GREEN Smoothie

“Pinteresting” Things: If you’re on pinterest, feel free to follow my boards!

This is coming to Ikea in April and I cannot wait!

ikea cart

I wish I had a bunch of fabric scraps–this is so fun! Love St. Patty’s Day!

st. patty's wreath

This is SUCH a cute idea to send to someone who might be under the weather or down in the dumps–I have someone in mind I might send this to!


Another reason why I need to learn to sew. Stat.

potholder clutch

And finally chickens. What more can I say?


Things I’m learning: So much. Where to begin really. Still processing Dark and Light. Rootedness. Slowing down. I think that’s the thing that has hit home the most this week. We had a 1/2 day staff conference at my work and our wellness coordinator was talking about Health Made Simple–3 Do’s and 4 Don’ts. The don’ts included not going through a drive through (uh-oh, Chick-fil-a), not using tobacco, and not drinking pop/soda and especially diet pop/soda. The fourth thing was not to do everything at one time. Our speaker was meaning all three of these things–don’t quit them all at once. But when I saw it on our handout, I immediately just though–don’t do everything in life all at once, Faith. I’m constantly wondering how people do it. Thinking about Brene Brown’s talk about how we are the most stressed, over medicated, overweight, over worked country and yet we just keep doing it. One day it’s going to catch up with us. I”m so ready to slow down a bit. Looking forward to a few days next week to do that.

Interesting quote/Scripture:

“So I run, but not without a clear goal ahead of me.” 1 Corinthians 9:26

And once again from the book The Imitation of Christ, “Be not angry that you cannot make others as you wish them to be, since you cannot make yourself as you wish to be.” Help me Lord to focus on me. No one else.

Hope you’ve had a great week! Happy Weekend!

Mishmash Monday

Happy President’s Day! I hope you are all enjoying a lovely day whether you are enjoying the day off (hello, teachers, bankers and Post Office workers), or staring at your computer screen and interacting with your co-workers.

Speaking of Presidents, the beau and I have really been enjoying the HBO John Adams Miniseries thanks to the Georgetown Library.  It’s a really neat look at history through these 7 episodes.  And Paul Giamatti and Laura Linney really knock it out of the park.  We have thoroughly enjoyed adding this to our weekend watching collection.

Speaking of Holidays, we enjoyed a loverly Valentine’s last Tuesday.  I know many folks detest this talking of this holiday.  I love love myself, but do agree that we need to celebrate love 365 days a year (or 366 in this year of leap 2012).  So, we celebrate the holiday, but on a very small scale and do little things to make it memorable.  We always incorporate heart shaped pancakes into our breakfast, which is quite the feat as pancakes rarely make it on our menu at all, much less on a weekday.

We celebrate with a $5 gift budget which means we have to get really creative with those gifts.  I was super excited after being inspired by this pin (and fortunate to have librarians as friends) to give this to Lewie as his card.  His gift was this little “spark” of love as well as the ingredients for chocolate covered bacon.  He was very pleased.

We're a Good Match!

Lewie has been a good listener lately as he gifted me with a garlic press.  The week prior, I was mincing garlic for every. single. recipe. on our menu that week and kept muttering under my breath “man, it sure would be nice to have a garlic press.”  Okay.  So it wasn’t so under my breath.  I was very surprised to get this little treasure.  So romantic.  Okay–garlicky foods–now that’s romantic.  Hehe…  I also got some favorite little chocolates and another tube of Burt’s Bees.  Okay.  I’m totally addicted.

After our lovely little dinner at home (more here), we walked downtown to get some drinks and dessert at our favorite little spot.  We love being in a town that we can just walk a few blocks and have great food, drinks and conversation with the restaurant owner and hear of how his bride’s valentine to him included famous words of Elizabeth Barrett Browning.  We enjoyed some new Spanish wine and shared the Chocolate Chip Cheesecake and the Chocolate Pie at the recommendation of our new friend, Frank Clay.  They were both delicious, but quite the venture from our typical Paleo treats we enjoy.

Finally, speaking of treats, I entered my Pumpkin Dark Chocolate Muffins in a muffin contest sponsored by the Georgetown Main Street Program last Thursday at my favorite little downtown coffee shop.  I was shocked and excited when they called to tell me that I had won!  Now my muffins will be featured on the menu the third Thursday of each Month!  I’m already counting down to March 15th!

My winning muffins with the judges!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this quite Presidential, romantic, treat-filled post!  Here to more Mishmash Mondays–make it a great one!