Au natural

So where do YOU shop for more local, healthy foods? I’ve mentioned our CSA quite a bit, but what about that other stuff?  You know, the staples– oil, butter, cheese, milk; meat–fish, shrimpies, pork ,chicken; the other stuff–pasta, rice, Big K Oh! (oops!  I don’t think that’s very “natural” but it is Oh! so good!).  Some of that stuff can be bought at the local farmers market on Saturday morning, but the other stuff?

As for our family, we mostly shop at the Kroger in town.  They’ve recently updated their organic section and although I love the idea of shopping completely organic, it’s a little tough right now with the home renovations.  Organic is better but also more costly.

I LOVE the options Lexington offers in the way of more natural food selection stores.  Earlier this week, my friend Maria and I took a little “tour” of two of them–The Good Foods Co-Op and Whole Foods.  Maria had never been to the Co-Op, but had recently fallen head over heels for Whole Foods.  After visiting these two stores here are my observations:

Good Foods Co-Op: Smaller, A locally owned co-op, offers more local products, has a restaurant built in with a cold and hot bar, feels very granola

Whole Foods Market: A chain, big, TONS of options, huge cheese section, beautifully marketed, feels like a “regular” grocery store

The skinny: I love them both!  Whole foods seems a little easier to navigate and it does have more options, but I also love supporting local businesses, thus giving the Co-Op an extra point in their corner.

What do YOU think?