Day 8-New Perspective

Sometimes we have to physically do something to instigate change.

After a long week of battling a cold, not getting much sleep, I ventured to enjoy my Friday.  I put on my favorite pair of Red flats that scream fall to me, some comfy pants and a favorite new tunic, hair in a top knot and I was gonna have a great day.

2012-10-07 07.05.04

Then a phone call on the way to work that wasn’t so fun.  30 minutes of my morning taking all that intention and positivity and seeing it swirl down the drain.

Walk to work thinking I’ll wrangle some coworkers to head to Starbucks.  I’m gonna need the caffeine and the walk will probably help.

No one could go.

More swirling.

Then I remembered that I had the power to change my attitude about this day.  No one can make it better or worse but me. It’s all about  my attitude and perspective. Nothing anyone else does or says can control this.  It’s all about my perception of the situation.

I got my headphones and started on my way to Starbucks  by myself. This song I heard earlier this week kept ringing in my ears so I pulled it up.

There’s beauty in my brokenness, I’ve got true love instead of pain, There’s freedom though You’ve captured me. I’ve got joy instead of mourning.

You give me joy, down deep in my soul.

Never been so free caught in your love for me.  Never been more secure knowing your heart Lord.

Yes you do Lord. 

What do you need to do physically to change your perspective?  For me it was a walk, this song and a lovely Americano. Happy Friday friends.

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photo by jalalspages via photopin cc 

The tap-tap-tap of the keys on the keyboard.

Stairwell doors opening and closing.

The pouring of coffee into my travel mug from my office coffee pot.

These are the sounds I hear this time of year. The time in which students are long gone from their college home and for many are back home sleeping in, watching their favorite movies by the fire place, helping Mom finish Christmas shopping and readjusting to being around their siblings.

That is not the case for them all though. Many are going back to homes that are broken. Working part time jobs to help Mom and Dad provide Christmas. Sitting at the hospital with that loved one who is ill. That idealized version of life isn’t the case for many of us. There is pain. Hurt. Misunderstanding. Loss.

It’s hard to celebrate  in the midst of such pain and hurt. The past few weeks have held some personal highs for our family.  he beau finishing his first semester of nursing school, last minute weekend trips, celebrating 5 years of being together and a mini-vacation day last week.

But again, it’s hard to celebrate those things in the midst of such pain and hurt.

This season is difficult for many. It has been even more difficult with the Sandy Hook tragedy last week.

May we remember that the season of Advent is a reminder that God came into the world as a little babe–the Christ Child–to bring light where there was darkness.

May we each experience that Light this season.

Be well, and the happiest of holidays to you and yours.

See you in 2013!