I’ve not been nearly as disciplined with recording my One Thousand Gifts as I had intended, but I’m gonna camp out here for a little bit today…I have a lot to be thankful for this Monday.

  1. The safety of a home knowing destruction was just miles away.
  2. A new running group that even though I was the slowest of the bunch, still welcomed, encouraged and challenged me.
  3. The most beautiful running course I have laid eyes on.  I’ll get several more miles of beauty in 4 weeks when I tackle my first 1/2 marathon.
  4. Monthly Breakfast club with my smallies gals.  You know you’re with friends who are more like family when you can come post-run, throwing on metallic flats and a jean skirt on over your running leggins and proceed to scarf down what was left of the breakfast provided. Don’t worry–I threw on a some body spray and a little mascara as to not be too scary–there were infants present.
  5. Being so extremely tired from a (an almost) 9 mile run, but yet so excited feeling as if you could conquer the world.
  6. An amazing church that challenges me to challenge the status quo and truly listen to God and what he’s saying.
  7. Lovely Sabbath Sundays.
  8. Crafting!  (I promise, I’ll share some photos on Friday!)
  9. Good family management convos with the beau–calendar, budget, meal plan, cleaning plan, hospitality plan.
  10. Making tough decisions in light of being more aware of how we spend time and money.
  11. The creativity to look up lots of new fun recipes and have the adventurous spirit to try them and be creative in the kitchen.
  12. Finding a new food blog with lots of Paleo crockpot options!
  13. Waking up to a gorgeous snowfall this morning–at 2:30am!
  14. Being so excited about the snow that we called a movie-thon downstairs.
  15. Almost in disbelief that this is a possibility for my future!  More on this to come!  Stay tuned!




PS–And a Happy Early Birthday to my dear friend Kelly!  Check out the 30 hour sale at iBloom–doors opened early due to the crazy response!


It’s Friday.  This week has speed by like no other!

A quick recap:

  • Last weekend we went to the Poppy Mountain Bluegrass Festival.  It was my first time at the festival, and boy, what a treat!  We were accompanied by Lew’s friend Parker, Parker’s mom and Lewie’s dad.  We saw some great bands–Hillbilly Gipsies were playing when we arrived and they were good.  My favorite was Mike Snider–lots of instrumental bluegrass with 2 (and a few times 3) fiddles.  Of course, Dr. Ralph Stanley is always a treat to see…just something good about down-home music, sitting outside ushering in the fall season with people you love (not to mention great people-watching).  I’m already looking forward to going next year for the 20th Annual festival!
  • Several interesting Paleo articles this week–this one about Paleo or Whole30 from a Christian perspective and this very interesting one from Robb Wolfe about Paleo being expensive…both super interesting and timely!
  • Check out this video–our friends are raising money for the Lukemia and Lymphoma walk in a few week and just recently got “called out” on one of our local TV stations from a challenging group.  To read more about Justin’s story and help our friends reach their goal and “win” the challenge, click here.
  • I’ve been much more creative in the kitchen which has been a delight.  Stay tuned for a Foodie Friday later today!
  • It’s Homecoming week at Georgetown, so it’s been a busy, busy, yet exciting week!  GO TIGERS!

Hope you  have had a wonderful week also!  Enjoy the weekend!


Faith Nicole

A new life to our little community…

Mom and the little guy

Our small group welcomed our newest addition this week, Caedmon Michael Rossine.  Caedmon and Mom (as well as Dad, Michael) are doing great hopefully coming home today.  It’s so neat to see what community and a life intentionally lived with others can bring.  Last night standing in the hospital room, I distinctly recall some memories with this precious family–meeting Michael and singing together at Crossroads, getting to know one another better through our small group meetings, celebrating at their wedding last June, supporting one another through tough times, hearing the news of the little one on the way at our Christmas feast…just a few of the many memories.

I have loved journeying with Melissa through her pregnancy as she updated family and friends far away.  I love their sweet spirit, the love and energy they have for life and how they embraced the start of their family so openly and with great enthusiasm. Little Caedmon has so many wonderful traits and qualities he’ll gain from Mom and Dad.

It’s so great to be in community with others.  We’ve realized over the past year and a half that summers are always a little challenging to keep a small group together with vacations and home renovations and babies.  🙂 We have enjoyed a few outings and a random night getting Cobbler a few weeks ago before the little man arrived (Mel had a cobbler craving so we had to go so she could get the craving fix!)

By the way.  If YOU are having a cobbler craving and live in central Kentucky,  Darlin’ Jeans Cobbler Cafe in Midway is THE place to be.  I’m just sayin’.

The best small group EVER--minus the rileys! 😦

It’s wonderful to have friends in the same phase of life that you can connect with and support (as well as have fun with!)  The beau and I are so thankful for these couples, the exciting things we’ve already been able to celebrate with one another and the tough times in which life has given us a great safety net to fall into when needed.

So again, welcome little Caedmon!  We can’t wait to have you around at smallies once we resume back to normal in the fall!  (And we promise Rossines we’ll make sure in our reno of our house it is safe for the little guy!)

The Rossine Family


Girls Nite!!!

About once a month, I get together for a great girls night with some friends from Vocal Team at Crossroads.  We all are around the same age, are all married (yay!  I can finally be added to that group!) and we share a passion for music and singing.

We rarely get to sing together, but this week, we all were at rehearsal last night and enjoyed dinner afterward.  It’s so great to have fun with these girls every month or so and catch up on the craziness of our lives.

Although we are in the same season of life, we are all at different points at the same time.  Akin to yesterday’s post, change happens–be it in the form of a new job, a new marriage, a vacation, etc.  It’s nice to come together and share stories, laughs, heartaches and know that at the end of the day, we’re just four girls who need some girl time every few weeks.

Oh–and the best part–they all sang at my wedding and it was B-E-A-utiful!


Welcome Adler!!!

Welcome Adler Isaiah Posillico!!!

My dear best friends from High School, Kristi and Joe were expecting their little bundle of joy to arrive late June–June 24th to be exact.

Well, little Adler was just too excited to wait that long, and although I was secretly hoping for another May baby to add to the ranks, he arrived Wednesday evening, April 30th–7 weeks early.

Weighing in at 4lbs 5oz, he’ll be spending a little extra time in the neonatal intensive care unit at Roanoke Memorial Hospital. If you would, say a little extra prayer for Mom, Dad and Adler this week.

Congrats Kristi & Joe on your new little one. I can’t wait to meet Adler in a few weeks!

(Thanks Kelli for the photo via Myspace)

Prayers for Kandia

My friend from HS, Kandia, who is a YWAM Missionary, her grandmother has been diagnosed with cancer again. She had colon cancer which was removed last year, and has been fine, but now they think they’ve found a spot on her brain and possibly in her lymph nodes. She went to the doctor yesterday and they are giving her months to live even with treatment.

Kandia and her husband Jeremy are in Belfast, Ireland on their Outreach mission and will be traveling on to Scotland for 6 more weeks. She is having a really hard time with her grandmother’s illness being in Europe. Also, Kandia’s younger brother is getting married in October and there family is just processing a lot with this information–should they move the wedding up and what if something happens before Kandia can get home. If you would, please take a few minutes to remember them in your prayers.

Weekend Update

This past weekend I ventured to Cary, NC with my friends Kelly, Chris and Cher to visit our friends, Fred and Jen, who recently relocated there. Although it was a super quick trip, here are a few highlights:

– Leaving Lexington at 9:30pm on Friday night for an 8 hour drive
– Me driving the Tahoe through the Mountains
– Chris somehow “missing” his driving turn on the way down
-Great drive time convos with the crew
– Realizing we were going to end up at my aunts house in NC (who offered a place to nap and shower) at 4am
-Pulling in to Waffle Hizzy at 3am to “stall”.
-Laughing so hard at waffle house, I thought we were going to be asked to leave (or thrown waffles at)
-Pulling in to my aunts house at 5:45 am–thankfully uncle Tony was going out for a run at 5:50
-Visiting Anathoth, the community garden out of my Aunt’s Church, Cedar Grove United Methodist Church
– Spending quality time with Fred, Jen, Addy, and Colston (ps–Addy is my soul sister…)
-AMAZING weather–no kidding, it was 69 on Saturday!
-GREAT Food!!! Sweet Tomatoes, The Loop Pizza Grill, Lucky 32, and CARIBOU COFFEE!!!
Connections–such a great community. No Fred, we don’t think you guys are crazy. 🙂
-Watching “Diary of a Mad Black Woman” on the way home and Kelly and I quoting it from the front.
-Car Dancing
-Meeting my mom for dinner on the way home (YAY!)
-SLEEP (that actually happened on the return to Lex) 🙂

Needless to say, I’m already thinking of when I can go back. I absolutely loved Cary and Connections–such a great fit for the Turners. The girls were in mourning on Sunday (all in black–imagine that), but we couldn’t be more happy for Fred and Jen and the amazing community that already realizes what gems they’ve received.