Day 3-My Favorite Season

*Not sure what happened to this entry, definitely wrote and published yesterday but alas, nothing here…let’s try this again!

If you know me at all, you know that fall is my absolute favorite season.  There is something about the smell of apples and cinnamon and the crisp in the air that just warms my soul.  Long before the height of Pumpkin everything, fall has long stole my heart.

I love football, the food–chili, soups and warm dips (all football watching appropriate)–as well as squash, casseroles and warm beverages.  I love the temperatures–which leads to the clothing. Layers, boots, flannel and sweaters are all the norm. Now with this comes the retiring of flip-flops, shorts and sunscreen. All good things in their own right. Perhaps it’s my red-headed nature and the fact that the pool or beach has always been associated with sunscreen application on the reg, summer just isn’t my jam.

The biggest heart-warmer for me are the colors of fall. Red, bright orange, crisp yellow–they all attract my eye and make my heart go pitter-patter.  I love seeing the crisp coolness of fall out my window as I’m all cozy inside under a blanket with my favorite warm beverage of the day with my favorite book.

But what is fall really–it’s a season preparing for stopping. For death even. Harvest means that there are no more fresh veggies on my table–the last of the corn, tomatoes and zucchini grace my recipes and the influx of potatoes, pumpkin, stuffed squash are on the rise. Those with resilience. Why do I stop and take a photo of my favorite tree all bright in color knowing that it is on it’s way to death?

2012-10-14 08.44.38

How often do I stop in my own life and recognize the beauty of things slowing down, the change that occurs when I recognize my limitations and know that perhaps I’m called to hunker down, look out my window and remember.  Fall is a season that calls us to remember–see these dead leaves on the ground?  1) there’s beauty in that that no longer has a purpose and 2) it is a promise of what is to come.

Isaiah 43:19 says I am going to do something new. It is already happening. Don’t you recognize it? I will clear a way in the desert. I will make rivers on dry land.”

In order for something new to occur, we have to make space for it.

I’m making space.  And recognizing the beauty that comes with that.

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What I Wore Wednesday: Newbie!

When I turned the big 3-0 eighteen months ago, I had a revelation.  I LOVED turning 30, but didn’t really want to be seen as thirty.  I had always been a really simple gal when it came to fashion– no frills, simple pearl studs were my go-to earrings and as far as putting together an outfit, well, I just wore the clothes that were in my closet and that was about it.  Not super intentional.

But 30 really got me thinking.  And reading.  I started following this gal on how to re-work your closet (since I wasn’t about to go out and buy an entirely new wardrobe) and then stumbled upon this gal who posts for “real sized gals” and I just love her stuff!  I wanted to dress with more intention.  If I desire to be intentional in all aspects of my life, why was I so careless about this one?  I know it’s not all about appearances (see post on authenticity), but I find I have much more confidence if I feel good in the clothes I’m wearing.  And If I’m feeling more confident, then I’ll always get more accomplished at work, home and all areas of life.

At Allume, I was talking with Amanda about finding our style Pin-spiration and she mentioned The Pleated Poppy and the What I Wore Wednesday Challenge.

So this is my first #WIWW post and it’s just a pic of today’s outfit.  Perhaps I’ll have more from the upcoming week to share next Wednesday.  I struggle taking photos of myself due to difficult lighting in our bedroom, but I’ll try and get creative here to post outfits.  Thanks to my lovely intern for snapping this pic (and not making me feel like an idiot for wanting to start posting to #WIWW!)

WIWW 11.7.12Jacket–Kohls clearance (several years ago)

Dress–The Limited (from a clearance rack at Ross, I believe)


Leggings–Wal Mart

Boots–Chinese Laudnry from the 6pm Outlet (Similar found here)

Be well (and be intentional!)

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…

Pumpkin Spice Chai filling my cup.

Madeline Peyreoux on Pandora.

New lovely Sharpie Pens to celebrate learning and the beginning of the school year.

Fall smells and sights around our home.

My jean skirt and favorite NYC hoodie–so well worn in.

Sounds of college football on the tv all weekend long.

Crockpot chili on a Saturday.

Some red leaves even with the dry, dry summer.

Things are busy, but oh so good. Life is just so rich friends. I promise. Drink it up. Even the parts that might not seem so satisfying–they are good for your soul. Discipline to get up super early and do household chores makes coming home and putting your feet up a lot easier to stomach. We haven’t got this thing licked; by no means do we have all the answers. But we can curl up with the cup of warm tea, a familiar book (even if for only 15 minutes), in our most comfortable comfort wear and remember that feeling. For some of us (I call us mountain people), this is our haven. This is the place that we are most ourselves. Most energized. Most refreshed. Others may get those same results driving through the summer days with the windows down, splashing through creeks and oceans, drinking sweet tea and constantly feeling alive by the sun beating down on your face (beach people).

I am a mountain girl. I love them both, don’t get me wrong, but I just so so so love the changing leaves, the pumpkin desserts, and the sound of the marching band–they all signal fall and getting away to retreat–mountains. I love the coziness of my wardrobe. I’ve even realized that I have an affinity for the wardrobe of the folks on one of my favorite shows, Parenthood. Why? It’s constantly fall there in the Berkley/San Francisco Bay area (at least on the show).

Even when life is a million kinds of crazy, I’m gonna pretend I’m cozied up next to Kristina Braverman there in that turquoise chair, sipping on coffee (as they drink the stuff non-stop) and jump right in to the craziness of their life. Their family. Their community.

That’s what I’m doing in my own life. Jumping in. Embracing the chaos. Being okay with days so busy there is no time to check facebook or tweet or instagram the lovely sunset you enjoyed on your drive home.

What’s important is that you drove home. You arrived. You made it and were able to pull up a chair to whatever table that awaited you (mine doesn’t look like the one above either), and you were able to be. That’s what the Braverman’s do. They just are. All their messy-ness out there for all to see.

So when you pull out that hoodie that’s aged with many washings and curl up under that favorite blanket and pull the book that’s been calling your name for months off the shelf–you just are. Whether this is your time of year or not–enjoy it.

Be well,