25 Days of Anticipation:: Day 10

Anticipation Day 10:: Contentment

**Yes, I realize I had an absence of posts…been a crazy week**

Contentment.  A word that may make folks uncomfortable, but is something we all need more of.  Being okay with what is.  Being okay that we live in the house with do, have the job we have, the family we have.  Now, this doesn’t mean complacency.  But I believe that as followers of The Light, we are to strive toward living in a way that sees where we are and being okay with that.  Even if that means eating off of plastic dishware or sitting in camping chairs for a few months.

Cracraft Home Circa August 2010

It makes the moment you get furniture so much sweeter.

Pre-Painted Living Room

This is easier said than done at times, but something we’ve been learning a lot about in the home renovation project. Anticipating contentment.


25 Days of Anticipation:: Day 5

Anticipation Day 5:: Happiness

I anticipate happiness.  We’ve had a lot of it in our house these past two days and I anticipate the next 20 days and 2011 alike to bring much more.  We had our first “dinner party” in our new home tonight and although it was a little smaller than anticipated, the warmth in our conversation was lovely as the Beau and I worked to bring a nice home-cooked meal to some of my dearest students who have graced my life this semester.

Happiness came in the form of ironing a tablecloth for a table that seats 12.  Happiness came in the form of a colorful table of veggies and pork loin.  Happiness came in the form of snowmen and snowflakes all around.

How has happiness came to you in your life recently?  Here’s another way it came into mine.


25 Days of Anticipation:: Day 4

Anticipation Day 4:: Light

In decorating for Christmas this year, I (as always) roll out the snowmen and snowflakes, but I just realized today that I have just as much of a love for stars.  The light that lead the wise men to the Christ-child.  During this season, I want to be the light others see–a light that brings a smile to faces and brightens up the darkest of days and hearts.

Unity Candles Lighting the Dark


I desire for this light to become an undeniable beacon to which I personally follow to the Christ-child whose love has radically changed me.  This light brings my family together in unity as we focus on where the light is taking us.

Lead by the Light


25 Days of Anticipation:: Day 2

Anticipation Day 2:: Warmth

Fall Fireplace

There is nothing like warmth. Walking into a warm house on a snowy, blistery day.  Getting into a warm car after a day of errand running and cold toes.  Curling up next to a crackling fireplace with your favorite three B’s: hot beverage, blanket and book.  Warmth.  Not only is it consoling and comforting, but life giving in the right amounts.  Not many folks are trying to garden this time of year without the warmth of a greenhouse.

I want to cultivate more warmth in my life–be a warmer face hurting students see around campus; a warm voice on the phone to sweet Mama on our daily phone chats and warmer to my husband in the midst of a tiff when I just need to be okay with “yes” and that’s it. I anticipate warmth.


25 Days of Anticipation::Day 1

Welcome to December and  25 Days of Anticipation here on Pliable. I hope this will be away to ease me back into writing daily (perhaps a 2011 goal as well??) and be a short snippet to remind me of this season of anticipation and what it is about.

Anticipation Day 1:: Rootedness

Rooted in Love

I want to be a woman of groundedness.  One who is not flighty or wishy-washy.  I want to stand firm in my convictions and be a person of my word. I want to be revered in this area by my husband, my family; the colleagues and students I work with on a daily basis; those close friends and casual acquaintances.

I anticipate great things for this season, for 2011 and for my life.  I anticipate that it will begin with groundedness.