Day 15…

Once home, the journey continued. And still does. I want June to be strong and brave knowing she’s overcome a lot, but not define her. But I also want her to always remember all that she has already overcome when things are hard and she wants to give up.  Coming home from the NICU was amazing, but there will still hurdles.

Screenshot 2018-05-14 at 3.26.13 PM

We were grateful for amazing caretakers from our Pediatrician’s office, to specialists to our grad clinic and the gals at the local coffee shop who always took great care of us all as we transitioned home.

Coming home with June on Oxygen and an apnea monitor was both a great thing and  another thing to manage.  Making sure we always had enough oxygen in the tank, having our travel tank with us, keeping the apnea wires stuck on correctly, not putting the cannula in upside down resulting in June looking like Rudolph.

It was a lot to learn on top of continuing to pump, feed her high calorie formula (which was another expectation buster that I wouldn’t be nursing 100% of the time), buy said (expensive) formula, always making sure we had preemie diapers (of which we could only find in Lexington).  D e e p  B r e a t h s….


But eventually we reached the day at her first follow-up appointment at the Grad Clinic where her oxygen saturations were great so we got to take away oxygen.  We did keep the monitor as she was having silent reflux.  She would seem totally fine and then the monitor would blare and we would panic finding her red faced and we would have to essentially turn her over and beat the back of her until she stopped choking.  It was absolutely terrifying.

Screenshot 2018-05-15 at 8.33.52 PM

So we started medication and the monitor helped save our sanity and eventually, and at 5 months–3 months after coming home–we had a fully cordless baby!
Screenshot 2018-05-15 at 8.48.08 PM

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