Day 13…

In our 56 days in the NICU, there were definitely challenges, but also milestones that were pretty incredible.  The staff again, was remarkable and we made such amazing connections with them.  They made a sign recognizing each little moment and didn’t let us forget it–first time Mom held me, first time Dad held me, first bottle, holidays–they were all recognized.


We got to celebrate June wearing clothes for the first time.  Figuring out how to not just have her in a snap sleeper so that her monitor cords could fit through but actually putting her in a onesie and pants.  Putting a bow in her hair.


We had several holidays that we celebrated–Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, March Madness and Easter.  Each one was celebrated with specific sheets and another sign to add to the book that we ended up taking home with us.

The biggest milestone was getting to breastfeed June on day 47 of her life.  We worked with lactation toward this goal and continuing to pump and do lots of skin-to-skin kangaroo care was huge in making this milestone a reality.


Even going back to work after 6 weeks–we celebrated that I was healthy and June was healthy enough to just be feeding and growing.  I was close enough that I came over 3 times a day for cares and to drop off milk or nurse her.


There were certainly lots of hurdles, but there were also many, many, great memories that made our journey into parenthood very sweet.

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