Day 9….

Saturday afternoon came and we had some family that had come visit.  I was still on the magnesium drip due to my blood pressure and that meant I was still tied to the bed.  I was losing my mind not being able to see my daughter.  My nerves were shot.  I was hormonal and emotional.  It had been over 12 hours since delivery and I was about to lose it.  Thankfully my sweet husband could tell I was about to lose it and helped curb some family and give me some space.

Not long after, the nurse said she would wheel me up there on the Mag drip to see June Parker! Ahhhh!!!  I was so excited.  She was just waiting for folks to come back from breaks and we were waiting on more family to arrive.  Of course they arrived and we visited for 5-10 minutes when the time had come–I was getting to go see my daughter!

The walk (ride) to the NICU elevator took forever and I’ll never forget that first check-in at the NICU desk.  Lew was explaining the process and how everything worked and that once we got into the Unit, we’d have to stop and thoroughly wash our hands each time. I was still hooked to multiple IV’s and still in a hospital gown so Lew and our nurse helped me stand, get scrubbed up and seating without flashing anyone (as far as I know!)

We didn’t have to walk too far to nursery 5 where June was initially placed.  There was quite a bit of space between each of the spots for babies and my heart was racing as I was wheeled down this wide hallway-esque of a nursery to this plastic box–also known as an isolette–where she had spent the first almost 13 hours without her mama.

The first photo was taken at 3:38pm on Saturday, February 13th, almost 14 hours to the minute after she was born.  IMG_1362

I can’t really describe the impact of seeing her that first time.  It was overwhelming love and overwhelming terror and overwhelming questions.  Her nurse that day, Kim, was a fellow redhead and was so helpful as it was time for her care and I was able to change her diaper.  You can tell where she gets her “sweet and spicy” moniker from here.  And just how tiny she was.

And my favorite part.  Our first family photo and announcement of June’s arrival


Happy early Valentine’s Day from our family of three to yours!!! Welcoming June Parker Cracraft-born at 1:37 am on February 13th. Weighing 2.2 lbs and 14.3 in. We are grateful for Gods provision-Mom and baby are doing great! #juneparker

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