Day 7…

The next sequence of events is hit or miss.  I remember Lewie leaving to go to the NICU and I got several examinations before heading back to my room in Labor & Delivery.  Right as I was being wheeled back into my room I received the Facetime call from Lewie showing me our beautiful girl.  He had met with the nurse practitioner on call who had admitted her and asked a lot of questions about our family–what our jobs were, if we were married, where we were from, etc.

The staff at the NICU is amazing and already had a name card for her that was at the end of her isolette (this is after they added her first and middle name).

Screenshot 2018-05-07 at 7.14.13 PM

She was sleeping and very calm.  We showed this to her tonight at dinner and she just smiled and kept saying baby.  Our sweet and spicy girl.

I was still on a magnesium drip that night well into the next day so I couldn’t leave to go see her which was one of the most painful things and still one of the most heartbreaking memories. Not being able to even lay eyes on my daughter for quite some time was incredibly, incredibly difficult.


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