Our Story–20 day countdown to March for Babies

I’ve often thought how I’ve not shared a lot of the details of our story with June Parker and all that occurred leading up to, during and after her birth at 31 weeks and 58 day stay in the NICU at the Kentucky Children’s Hospital.

I’ve often thought about sharing. I’ve read birth stories of my friends and wanted to share, but I never could. Maybe part of me was nervous to put all of my brokenness on display.  Perhaps some of it was not wanting to seem as if we were wanting attention knowing that our story ended so much more favorably than some do. I also wasn’t ready. There is a lot of grief, trauma and PTSD that can occur in situations like ours and I have been healing through that over the past two years.

But now it’s time.  I want to share our story of hope and courage and grit with others as a reminder and beacon of light.  I pray that our willingness to be open will shed some light on what might be going on behind closed doors if you know of someone who has an extended NICU stay and has dealt with the follow up of a premature infant.

We are excited to lead Team JPC at the Greater Bluegrass March for Babies on May 20th.  We are currently have met about 52% of our fundraising goal and would love you to consider donating.

I’m sharing daily on our fundraising page on Facebook as well as Instagram stories, but decided to share here as well so that I’ll have a documented account of our journey.

I’m excited to share our story with you and hope you will hold it with tenderness and share it with someone who may need our words. 50898397-E7F3-48E8-97FF-DB5DF30FE6EB

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