Day 6…

After June Parker was taken up to NICU and I was sewn up and taken into post-op, I saw Lew spring into caretaker extraordinaire. I wasn’t surprised, as I’d literally seen this for the first 9 years of our life together. The minute the nurses confirmed I was stable, he wanted to go up to be with June. He didn’t want her to be alone.

This was a decision that we never imagined having to make after labor & delivery. We knew that even in a “typical” birth scenario, we wanted it to be just us in the room during labor but now it was 2am and there was no one there with us. This was just the first of many decisions as a parent you must make. Marriage and parenting is the most sacrificial love one can show toward another person. It shines a light on just how selfish as humans we can be. And if I’m being honest (which is the entire point of sharing our story)–of course I didn’t want her to be alone, but there was a part of me that was still scared about my own health and I didn’t want to be alone either.

Thank goodness Lew had the mindfulness to grab both our cell phones as we went into the OR so he left with a nurse who took him up to the NICU and handed me my phone and as I was being wheeled back into my room in labor and delivery, I got the best Facetime call ever….

Moral of the story–marry someone who is willing to leave you in order to care for the tiny, the broken, the vulnerable. That is true love.



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