Day 5…

So funny story about my time on the operating table. Once our baby girl arrived, we agreed that our name could not be more fitting–June Parker. June in honor of my mother’s birth month and Parker in honor of of Lew’s best friend Michael Parker. They both fought a lot in their lives and our little babe had already proven she had too. After some intervention to ensure June Parker was breathing okay and didn’t need to be intubated, Lew was invited over to see her as they continued working on her (and where he snapped the pic I shared yesterday–which we’ve not shared publicly before).

After returning to my side, Dr. C continued to work on me and I started to feel a little pressure. Nothing more than what felt like someone pushing on my stomach from time to time. I turned to my right and asked the anesthesiologist if it was true that Redheads needed more drugs for numbing. He asked if I was okay and feeling anything and I said just some pressure. He looked over at Lew (who as a nurse was always intrigued by these conversations as well) and said, “well, I think that’s an old wives tale, however, Ketamine is a derivative of PCP, so I think you should start feeling better soon.” To which at that point, my entire body relaxed. 

Someone asked about my smile in the last photo. I can’t quite pin how and why other than I knew I was a mother. My expectations had been thrashed, but I still had a daughter. One that I could not wait to meet. This was my first glance of her…


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