Day 4…

What are you having for dinner tonight? It’s been a crazy week so I grabbed a Little Ceasar’s and Breadsticks on the way home on Friday. Less than $10 #winning.

Faith–why are you talking about your dinner plans? Stay with me…let’s continue our story.

So Lew was changing into scrubs while I was being wheeled to the OR. I thank God Every. Single. Day, my OB Dr. Cunningham was on call that weekend. We were moving quick and they had planned to do the Epidural in the Room with me leaning on Lew, but there were lots of C-sections that night and so we needed to get to the OR stat to ensure the health of me and babe. Lew was still changing when it was time for the Epidural so Dr. C had me lean into her and pretend she was Lew while the Anesthesiologist gave the Epi. We had met him on Friday night. Part of procedure when they come down to introduce themselves. He said he knew when leaving he’d be seeing us again.

The C-section began and I had Lew on one side and the Anesthesiologist on the other. It was so weird to not feel what was happening but hear it. I could barely see Dr. C’s head on brief occasion. Lew did not let go of my hand–talking me through calmly trying to somewhat distract me from being fearful but reminding me how excited we were to become parents and how proud he was of me. We kept reviewing the names we had settled on in that cabin in the mountains of TN a few weeks prior. We had a girl name, but still uncertain on a boy. We never imagined becoming parents 9 weeks early, but here we were. I actually got a bit excited on the table.

I knew we were getting close and all of a sudden, I felt some tugging and then heard Dr. Cunningham say, “someone better get this girl a pizza!”

Girl. We had a girl. A 2 lb. 2 oz baby girl.

So….that pizza we had on Friday. $10. I could have easily eaten some leftovers from home tonight and donated that to March of Dimes. Will you consider giving your Pizza budget for next week? A few $10 donations could REALLY make a difference!




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