Day 3…

After being admitted and trying to get some sleep the first night in the hospital with no ear plugs for me and Lew sleeping in the guest chair, we woke up Friday for an ultrasound. I was NPO so no food or drink. Our tech was the same one who had performed the 20 week ultrasound so we were comforted by that. Lew was being the rockstar that he is and trying to keep the mood light. However, it didn’t take long that she became quiet. “Babe is much smaller than we would like. 2 pounds or so. A 31 week baby should be well over 3 pounds.” My heart raced as my stomach dropped to the ground. What if it wasn’t the car accident? What if I drank too much caffeine? Did something I shouldn’t before knowing I was pregnant? Took Advil instead of Tylenol one day by mistake?

Lew and I talked and prayed and I put on a worship station on Spotify while Lew took a moment to get some food. He never once ate in front of me while I was NPO. While he was gone and I was trying to relax and put aside the headache I felt coming on, our nurse came over to talk to me. I had wanted a natural birth–no medication or epidural. That would not be possible as it would be too traumatic for babe. She reassured me that the Docs were amazing and knowing exactly when was the right time to take babe–not a minute too soon or too late. However, my expectations were being shattered. I was having mini contractions and babe’s heart rate was dropping each time. I didn’t even notice at first–I never even felt them. But then I would notice as a slew of nurses would come in to check on me and babe every time.

At 11am, I was given the first of two steroid shots to help babe’s lungs develop so that whenever we did deliver via C-section, the lungs would be strong and hopefully we could avoid a ventilator.

I had a few visitors throughout that day. Life long friends who brought me hair-ties, chapstick, a head massager and conversation. Balm to my soul. I was put on a magnesium drip to help to slow down the contractions and everything else. I didn’t get out of bed. We settled in for bed early–since I couldn’t eat or drink and we didn’t have much with us. My head was throbbing by this point so I had a washcloth across my eyes, ear plugs in (thanks to a gift from friends) and an oxygen mask on my face as they wanted me to get extra overnight.
At 11pm, I was awakened by nurses that Dr. C wanted to go ahead and give the second steroid shot. I was confused, but I knew instantly that things weren’t looking good as it had only been 12 hours, not 24.

I was scared. I really wanted my Mom. And I knew that she was with me in spirit, but I was still scared. Lew rushed over and didn’t let go of my hands until he was in scrubs. Not the ones he wore to work, but the ones for the Operating Room…



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