Day 2…

How did we get here? So that car accident on Christmas day did some serious damage to the umbilical cord. While the placenta was in tact and all was well after having the Dr. Hansen (head of department and high-risk OB–grateful she was on call!) examine me in Triage at UK right after the accident, my blood pressure was still a tad elevated.

I did a 24 hour test of my urine to be screened for pre-eclampsia and it came back normal. A week later I had a follow up with my amazing OB-Dr. Cunningham. It was a Thursday. I had coffee with a fellow expecting friend and coworker Sarah that morning and then lunch with my BFF Cherlynn who showed me my baby shower invites. Lew had come in so we could go to our OB appointment, then dinner and our parenting class. Date night–baby style.

I went in and my BP was 172/110. I was immediately sent to Triage for overnight observation. I remember Dr. C saying–you’re fine–babies are born all the time at 31 weeks. I had not packed a bag. I didn’t have a toothbrush. Once we arrived at Triage, I was terrified as they did all this paperwork to admit me in case baby came early. We hadn’t found out the sex of the baby and I was overcome with so many emotions. So much was unknown and uncertain.

Thankfully we had just returned from our Babymoon the week before and settled on a girl name. Little did we know we would be glad we did…31824290_10100136474686943_4992132701088645120_n

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