Distracted Living

Multi-tasking. Full Plates.

“How are you?” she asks.  “Good. Busy, but good.” I reply.

We live in a world with small computers in our back pockets constantly tugging at our souls even if we’ve turned notifications off.

Last week I posted about participating in #OneDayHH–a day of snapshotting the mundane moments of our lives. A week early. Yup–I thought it was every year on November 2nd.  Nope–it’s a Thursday in November at Laura’s discretion. I love documenting the mundane moments but even in that, I’m still tied to my phone.

So after realizing that it was actually yesterday, November 9th, I thought I’d do it again, this time via Instastories and see what came of if.  I kept posting on the 2nd since I had already started, but yesterday was fun posting on stories which to me is more engaging.

And both days my mind kept going back to my phone in the middle of things. The early morning meeting (oh, I should snag a pic), my walk-ins with students (In which I did have one of my students from my class so we did snag a fun pic), my project meeting with co-workers (I walked back down the office corridor to find them for a pic after the meeting was over). I was constantly thinking about seeing my life through the lens of my phone rather than always being in the moment.  Now, clearly, there were lots of missed photos because I was in the moment.  But it was still nagging at me.  Just like that little device tends to do.  In staff meetings. In line at the grocery.  At a stop light.

I’m right there in the thick of it friends. The beau said to me just last night before going to bed as I snagged my phone for one last look, “you and that thing have been inseparable lately.”

Last week when I was on my own unofficial #OneDayHH driving home a little later than normal, I was distracted.  Not necessarily on my phone, but thinking about my day, how things hadn’t turned out as I’d hoped, that I’d “messed up” the #OneDayHH day, what I was going to cook for dinner, what photo I was going to post next, the podcast I was listening to, the pretty fall trees, the busy registration season at work, the email I had hoped to respond to but didn’t, the big project I’ve been working on all term that I’ll soon pitch to my office. Oh yeah, and driving. We all do this, right? I know I’m not alone.

What doesn’t always happen is that when you’re mind is buzzing with all those things and then you’re 1/2 mile from home and someone cuts in front of you and you have your second car accident in just as many years–you think, “what just happened?” Distracted Living.

I was fine. The other driver was fine. My car however is not. And my mental and emotional state is still a little frayed. You see, I struggle with anxiety and have particularly since our last car accident. I’m a very nervous passenger and have used my phone to avoid on car trips. I close my eyes, flinch and thank God my patient husband has learned not to freak out when I have these moments.  And Tuesday, driving to work in the rain after this accident, I noticed I was a very anxious and nervous driver.

So I thought about postponing my girls road trip this weekend to see my friend.  But I also decided I wasn’t going to give in to fear and anxiety and let them win.

So what does this have to do with social media? I want to live life without thinking about my phone. I want to be present. Get back to practicing silence and sabbath. I want to engage with people–connect–rather than just be a silent bystander to people’s lives.

So I’m going to be more silent on Facebook and Instagram (although I am loving the Instastories platform for quick little quips here and there) and more engaged.  Using Voxer and Marco Polo has really transformed my business and personal friendships over the past few weeks and months. I’ve been more apt to say–let’s chat via Google Hangout or Zoom so I can see your face. And let’s not forget about good old fashioned text messaging.

I’ve got a lot mulling around in regards to self-care and this certainly ties into that.  I’d love to hear your thoughts–comment, text or email me. Heck–let’s meet up for coffee to chat if you’re local to me. And if you use any of these apps-let me know!

Here’s some of the snippets of my #OneDayHH from yesterday and you can check out my Instagram for the ones from last week.





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