Love Your Spouse

I was tagged in a post last week ago by one of my dearest friends and proponents of marriage to participate in the 7 days of Love Your Spouse/Significant Other Challenge! I was challenged to post a picture with my beloved to Facebook everyday for 7 days and to challenge 2 people each day to keep the celebration of Love and Marriage going.

I’m normally not one to participate in these types of things, but if I’ve learned anything in this season it’s that marriage has to come first.  I’m so grateful for the wonderful teammate and partner that I get to share the day-to-day with.  The past 7 months have been tough and we’ve been hanging on by a thread it seems but we have really worked hard in the past month to pull our crap together and work harder to be the best team we can, to show June the best marriage and family we can and to be the best friend, coworker and family member to those we love.

That starts with us individually and is only amplified by your closest partner.  I’m so grateful to have such an awesome teammate.

Since it’s a certain someone’s birthday, I just had to share here those sweet photos that I came upon over the past week.  Very grateful every single day to know this one has my back and my  heart.

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