As I have been on this journey of motherhood for the past five months I’ve had a lot of time to think about things I wanted to share.  However the thoughts in my head as I’m doing laundry, nursing June or at work don’t equal out to time it would take to actually put pen to paper. The time spent on those things that are most important trumped the time that I would have spent getting those thoughts down. But now I think I have a routine and some tools in my toolbelt that will allow me to share these things.

One of the best books that I have read recently has been The Fringe Hours by Jessica N. Turner (I also have a N. middle initial and love she always uses hers as well!). This book was queued up in my kindle long before June arrived, however it was not the right time for me to read it. I love it when God has a plan even down to the timing of when we read a particular book. The Cliff Notes version of this book is essentially a way for women in particular to grasp the most out of the little moments that pass by in life. It’s not necessarily multitasking but being more intentional with those moments in time that are somewhat wasted because we are scrolling on our phone or aimlessly doing things that are inconsequential. Since finishing her book I have read more books and accomplished more things than I thought possible with a newborn at home EVEN after returning to work.

So with that said I have realized that this space is something I want to tend to. I know that writing is very cathartic for me through all that I’ve experienced over the past year.  I feel that this is something I need to do. I realized in looking back that through the encouragement of my counselor and even my chiropractor that this space is important and healing for me and need not be neglected. Even if it’s a discipline for me as time can be hard to carve out to tend to this. But that’s just it…tending is a daily effort–not something done all at once.  You don’t magically go out once or even once a week to your garden and magically have a harvest–it takes small bursts of time and effort–along with some large bursts! And I’ve learned to use the tools necessary–I may be sitting here right now dictating most of this post via voice-to-text on my phone (ps-this is a new/nursing mama’s BFF!).

So with that I am hoping to share (at least) weekly on a combination of faith, parenthood, wellness, community and practical tips I’ve learned along the way as an encouragement to all those who may find their way to this place. I’m finding my niche in the intersectionality of all of those things and I want to share what I have learned as well as hear from you on your tips advice and wisdom on all of those same things. The past 5 months (and let’s face it–year) has been challenging and isolating at times but it’s also allowed me to really determine what I’m made of and how to best steward the time and resources I have on those things that are life-giving to me and necessary in the multiple identities that I hold.

And let’s face it, there’s bound to be some cute pictures of our sweet June Parker from time to time.

2016-07-10 22.49.16



2 thoughts on “Tending

  1. Hey, Faith! So proud of you for allowing yourself to think through these ideas and make space for what’s important to you. I have notebooks full of ideas, brainstorms, writing notes, poem ideas from those early months–and heck, years–of mothering, because for me it was (and is) often in those mundane laundry-folding, baby-bouncing, breastfeeding, book-for-the-twentieth-time-it’s-memorized moments that we do “hear” ideas of what God is putting on our hearts to share with others. I am four years in, and still working through those ideas. It’s one of the reasons why I started writing “letters to my daughters” over on my blog and why I designed a new website after number 2 was born. I started to see more clearly how all of my callings fit together. I love your hashtag #MoreThanAMom. That’s really what this is all about, I think.

    And, by the way, I read TONS of books while breastfeeding. It’s when I learned to love the (one-handed) kindle. In fact, I think I’ve read more books now that I’ve got the crazy of motherhood tugging at my pantlegs than I did in the decade preceding the birth of my first little bean.

    You got this, Momma.

    • Hey Elizabeth! Thanks for your feedback and encouragement. And yes-kindle is a dream! My husband eyed me a bit funny when it was on my Christmas list this year, but it’s been so good for my soul & mind! Would have been watching much more Netflix than I already am otherwise!

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