2015 in Insta-Review

Hey Hey Hey!!! It’s me again!  Excited about the turning of the calendar page and moving forward with an exciting 2016.

But before I can do that, I have to go back and review all that was 2015. Reflecting back on this year it’s easy to look at the challenging moments and forget the joyous ones. I’m so fortunate to be reminded of just what a fantastic year 2015 was even though there were a fare share of dark moments. I loved Annie’s format of an Instagram review, so here goes my attempt!  My #2015BestNine said I took 292 posts in the past year. That’s a lot to filter through, fyi!

January 2015….

{Our goal of community dinners around the table Friday Night Meatballs style was realized!}


February 2015…

{Served women in our community by hosting the 2015 IF: Gathering in Georgetown}


March 2015…

{Technically February/March, but after IF: Gathering took a Sabbatical.  No email or social media and nothing on our calendars. It was amazing!}


{Except we did have our framily over for Friday Night Meatballs and an amazing Caprese salad}



{Highlight moving into Spring/Summer was starting major renovations on our house!  And this guy. Just say no to all highlight reel posts friends.  I wanna see your messy top-bun silly posts too!}


April 2015…

{More Friday Night Meatballs.  This was probably my favorite of the few we hosted.  A toddler and a grandmother. A teenage boy and his mom whose husband was on the west coast for a month for business. Friends who were just dating and friends who’ve been married for 10 years. This is true community y’all}


May 2015…

{My birthday–Friday Night Meatballs in the backyard style with our people and their kiddos. All boys. Dirt. Fire pits. Amazing.}


{No birthday is complete without a trip to see the Cincinnati Reds with my love}


June 2015…

{Renovations continued.  Amazing progress.}

6_June 2

{And when renovations continue so that you’re displaced from your home for 3 weeks and 90% of your belongings are in a POD–you take a long weekend and drive to the Emerald Coast. A quick trip, but two days in the sun, sand and waves did our hearts and souls so much good.}



{Jennie Allen’s Anything study with these gorgeous gals at my new favorite Coffee Spot in Downtown Lexington. Such a rich summer with these gals.}


July 2015…

{Experiencing part of the All-Star Game Festivities with the Celebrity Softball Game! So fun!}


August 2015…

{WAAAAAY too many photos to share here, but check out some from this post.  Cross-country road trip in 10 days took me all the way to Cannon Beach and the pacific ocean for the first time. Life changing trip.}


September 2015…

{Joining 500 other IF: Local leaders in Orlando to be equipped even more so to share the good news with our communities.  And loved meeting these fellow Kentucky gals!}



{How could we get so lucky??? We were blessed with this sweetie.  She came at the perfect time and brought us such joy in what we didn’t realize would be such a tough season.}


October 2015…

{BABY CRACRAFT ALERT!!!  Remember that life changing trip? Yeah, we found out the night we got home that we were expecting. So excited to welcome our cub in April!}


November 2015…

{Mama D got sick. Three weeks in the hospital were tough but I truly savored every moment with her. One of my favorite nights ever as we watched Friends on TV and I saw a bit of her sass return.}

11_November 1

{Bittersweet. Mama D went to be with Jesus–from this life to her eternal home. I miss her so, but can only imagine she’s having a blast–playing piano, walking and running on her own, having lunch with her dad and birthmom who passed when she was 6 months old. So grateful to have been raised by such a wondeful lady.}


December 2015…

{My favorite views of the year– twinkle lights and Fireplace on Netflix with a pup on my lap–and we flipped our dining and living room!}

12_December 1

{A scary Christmas day car accident had us all shaken up. Thankfully all of us–including Gracie and the little cub) were all okay. I tear up every time I look at this photo. Just like our little one to be reminding us that they’re okay and to just trust God–he’s got it handled.}



{Advent.  Waiting.  Trusting.  Anticipation.  Expectation.  Learned a lot in this tough season. }



So that’s 2015 in a nutshell.  We started the year well living into community and hospitality by opening for home for Friday Night Meatballs. Then we realized renovations had to happen ASAP and so things got a little crazy, but that’s life, right?  The fall and winter were tough, but we’ve also had a lot of silver linings and things to celebrate.

I also read 10 books, watched several series on Netflix (Or re-watched) and had lots of coffee dates with people. That’s the day-to-day.  The stuff we don’t always Instagram.  I’m sure there will be more on all this in the weeks to come. I’m excited about all that 2016 will offer and hope to be around these parts much more often sharing about all I’m learning, loving and being.




2 thoughts on “2015 in Insta-Review

  1. Wow Faith! You’ve truly had a year full of adventures and change. Thanks for the snapshot and quite interesting read. I pray that 2016 brings you (and baby) good health, lots of rest and tremendous blessings!

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