Day 12-Feeling behind

So perhaps you’re feeling behind today. Like I could since I’m posting the 12th entry here on day 15. But I’m learning more and more that God has us right where He wants us in this moment.

This summer on our road trip out west, we got up early to see the sunrise at Arches National Park. We left the hotel around 4:30 am not sure how long it would take us to find the Windows section of Arches.  We found it pretty quickly but had to sit and wait.

2015-08-10 05.52.46

We weren’t sure if we were in the best spot once we got to the top of those stairs. We sat for a while, questioning as more and more cars pulled into the parking lot to get a spectacular view of the sunrise.

We decided to venture around an unbeaten pathway and ended up where we landed.  You’ll see a photographer getting what I’m certain was a much better photo of that sunrise that I did below.

2015-08-10 06.36.15

After we took in this beauty, we went back to our initial spot after checking out a few other things along the way and it was still gorgeous.

Lesson learned-sometimes we may think we need to move, shuffle, be busy and we may question if we’re in the right spot–right job, relationship, role or season in life–or if we’re behind. But what I’m learning is that the sun will still rise and set each day regardless of where we are.

Even if we’re behind.

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