Day 9-Rest

My journey to find true rest is has been that-a journey. I’ve always been one to have many irons in the fire, even in high school. I was once in a musical in high school, working part time, leading the choir and singing at church and it was just too much. I had to quit something because all things were suffering-including my grades. And of course the musical-which was the most fun-was what had to go. 
So these days I’ve been learning the importance of rest and work and how they go hand in hand. Our work must come from a place of rest. When we take time to observe the sabbath, rest, spend quality time with those we love, lay down our phones, we are truly able to pour ourselves more into our days of work. And sometimes that means saying no to some really good things-things we even enjoy the most.    

 The transition requires patience and persistence. I’ve been trying to lay down my phone on Sundays-be present, engaged but sometimes if I’m honest, I’m lonely, bored and searching for something on the other side of the screen to fill that void. 

So this change takes discipline and that’s not always easy. But I know when I truly engage and be present and lean into the rest, I’m such a better human. 


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