Day 6-Let there be light!

We are starting month 5 of this renovation and today marked a huge milestone. My in-laws came in and the beau and his dad worked so hard on getting electric running in the guest room and soon-to-be nursery.

So here’s a bit of the scary before guest room/office/lounge area

Crazy half torn off wall paper, awful floors (they had painted around a rug that was placed in the center of the room) and cracks in the ceiling from roof damage (all repaired now).

So when I got this text from the beau declaring “let there be light” it was a momentous occasion!

Drywall went up this summer, late summer the floor got sanded and finished and today-light.

It’s been a long time coming but isn’t that just life? Sometimes the dark and not so pretty places of life stay dark for much longer than we’d like. We work, toil and make progress but sometimes it takes a while for the light to appear. We have to be submissive to the elements in the dark. Things are sometimes out of our control.

The light is oh so worth it though. Even if what it illuminates isn’t perfect, there can’t be progress–change–in the dark.

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