31 Days of Change

So I’ve been toying with participating in the #31days writing challenge for a few years. I saw a few posts yesterday morning but it wasn’t until one of my dearest friends posted last night that I thought….”I need to do this.”

You see, I’ve been in a season of change. Lots of things that I feel I can share. Many I can’t share. Or perhaps don’t want to share. I’m Miss Independent, got it on my own, don’t need help.

Or so I thought.

I’m learning more and more about my own insecurities about asking for help. For truly being vulnerable with my life, struggles and need to be in control (can I get an “Amen.”?)

So this space is a way to start loosening my grip. Not be concerned with how many folks have read my post or “liked” it on social media. An outlet. A way for me to share my heart openly about all the change that is happening and how I’m learning to trust God and rely on him and the acceptance that he has for me over anyone else.

Some changes I’ll be addressing over the next month:

  • Working day shift when my husband works nights
  • Being obedient and leaving the church community we’ve known for 6 years to one that God has called us to
  • Second (big) renovation stage of our fixer-upper (5 months and counting)
  • Being an only child and caretaker for my Mom who’s in a nursing home

And the biggest change we’re going to experience (and why I’m starting on day 2 of this challenge rather than day 1), we are super grateful and thrilled to be expecting our first child!  Today is our 6 year anniversary so we chose today to share our great news!

2015-10-01 20.14.26-2

Please know that this isn’t a place for me to vent, but a place for me to process all this change and acknowledge that God sustains us in these moments of change. We don’t have to be the tough one and rely on ourselves to do it all, figure it all out, or be everything.  We get to rest in him. I’m hoping I’ll learn how to do more of that.

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4 thoughts on “31 Days of Change

  1. I will give you an “Amen!” So get the control/independent thing. I’m looking forward to your 31 days…but no pressure if it’s only, like, 27…

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