Sometimes it’s all about the polish

Disclaimer: I said I’d be posting more often.  I didn’t say what the content would be.  No plans, no agenda.  Just what’s on my heart in the moment.  And I’d say with the direction life is taking me, there will be loads about intentionality, life around the table, slowing down and being present.  All things that lend well to my Lenten practice.  Or painting my nails. Whatevs. 

One of my “new years resolutions” was to paint my nails.  Call it silly as you may, I’ve always been very blessed with strong, healthy, pretty nails and have to do very little to them.  They’ve been naked for years with an occasional coat of clear polish and other than trimming, filling or cutting off when one breaks or snags, that’s been my effort toward this gift as some would say of really nice nails.

So I decided that in 2014 I’d be more intentional with this gift and paint those suckers.  And I’m proud to say that there have only been 2 days so far (as much as I can recollect) that I’ve had naked nails.  Trying out new shades, getting to work and borrowing a co-workers stash, going bold, going nude, it’s been a fun 2 months so far.

5 minutes every few days.  Basecoat.  Color.  Rarely a topcoat.  Sometimes in the car drying by the heater vents as I drive in to work.  But it’s intention. A nice addition.  Another aspect of caring for my outward self that can be reflected on the inward self.


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