My Lenten Practice-2014

It’s a bit after 9pm on this Ash Wednesday and my Lenten practice is getting a bit of a late start so today will be an authentic, fast run of what I felt tugging on my heart the past few days.

It’s been 2 months or so since my last post and leave it to the weather or whatever, I have been sleeping like a hibernating bear and not nearly as disciplined as I’d like to be. I try daily to live into the “grace over perfection” mantra, but man, it’s been hard!

Thinking through the things that will help me get back into the habits and routine that I know make me the best version of myself and also lead to me having better days, it starts with an early, productive, slower morning.

Which means two things: 1) Getting up earlier. 2) Getting to bed earlier.

What is my vice as of late? Connections. Surface connections that is.  Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, fueling some loneliness I’ve been experiencing lately (we all have that from time-to-time. You aren’t alone.)

My Lenten observance this year will be a practice of laying some things down so that I can more intentionally pick some things up.  I’m laying down social media to a degree so that I can pick up quality time with framily (love that new commercial–such a great word that fits my life these days) as well as intentionality in all of my life–one area being that of reflection, observation and community that comes with the creative expression found through my blog.

Now again, I’m not going to blog every day and  my observance of limiting social media will be a struggle.  My goal is to have the phone and iPad down at 8pm, pick up the laptop to blog or hang out with the beau. I’ve deleted facebook and twitter off my phone for the time being so that I’m not tempted to zone out there instead of be in the moment. I will still post my coffee pics on insta with little blurbs of my day. Again–this is about grace, not perfection.

My three quick hits for today…

1. Check out this article by Ben Hulet (#coffeewithben) about tips for starting your morning.  I know there are a lot of these out there and many targeted to women, but minus the shaving tip, this really spoke to me. And this paragraph as a whole describes the person I am, but my actual self is just having trouble putting into play these days:

I have always relied on my morning routine to sort of set the stage for the rest of my day. So much so, that I’ve developed a sort of religious devotion to the order and sanctity of my AM time. It’s not that I absolutely have to do things in a certain way like some kind of OCD driven tick, it’s just that I’ve found that making the time to keep a regular routine has always produced a certain clarity and focus that when disregarded, tends to leave me in a less than optimal state in which to tackle my day.

2. Loving these phone wallpapers by Emily Ley.  She also has a calendar one if you sign up for her newsletter.  I LOVE the intention one.  On my phone currently.

3. Meeting with my students and hearing about their plans to go to Daytona in 2 weeks for spring break is seriously depressing (okay-not really). But I mean, come on–my car got stuck in ice and mud this morning.  For 30 minutes. When I had an important meeting to get to. Thank God for lovely neighbors who knock on your door to see why your car is half in the drive way and half in the street! (And I made my meeting! Yippee!) I’m ready for you spring!



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