2014: Anchored


In doing some soul work, I’ve looked back at all that 2013 held and there was a lot of good. A lot of holistic development–personally, professionally, emotionally and spiritually. A lot of change–a new job, my mom moving from being 6 hours away to 30 minutes away and a very stressful school semester for the beau which in turn impacted me as well. A lot of hanging on by a thread to be completely honest. So in that reflection I’ve been doing, I’ve realized that I no longer want to hang on by a thread.

My photo is one from the amazing vacation that we had right before Christmas in Ocho Rios, Jamaica. This exact photo was taken from our balcony one morning as a group of scuba divers was getting ready to leave on their morning adventure. The group was mostly the same folks–the older gentleman we’d see eating at the breakfast buffet alone and then on the scuba boat presumably while his wife slept away, laid by the pool or enjoyed the spa. The 40-somethings man whose wife would walk out with him, kiss him goodbye and the go back to her lounge chair on the beach with her book awaiting the boats return where she’s subsequently walk out to shore and welcome him back with a kiss. The bronzed older lady who loved her bright yellow string bikini. Then there was the older woman. The one in full scuba gear who went out every day to dive into the Caribbean Sea, but held tightly to the rope anchored to the boat that would take her out to sea. Never failed, each morning, she’d step lightly holding tightly to her scuba gear with one hand and even tighter to that rope. No matter the beauty and uncertainty the sea held, she held tight to what she knew.  

I want that.

Hebrews 6:19 says “We have this hope as an anchor for the soul, firm and secure.” I want to be an anchor. I want to be so secure and grounded in the hope of the promise that 2014 holds and that God holds for me that I will not move. I will not be a thread, but yet a million little threads bound together and held securely into the sea as an anchor is. Sometimes that sea is crystal clear, other times it’s dark and unknown. But I will be secure. If you’ve been around me or this space for any time at all, you know that I love trees. I still love trees. I love their deep roots, what they can weather and how they change for each season. Anchored is different. Anchored is a choice. I’m thankful for my roots and know that they have allowed me to stand strong as I have. But this year I’m choosing even more.

I know that 2014 is not going to be easy, but I want to hold tightly onto the things that I know bring me security–that hope that I have in Christ. I love the entirety of Hebrews 6 and what is says for the church and for me.

I want to be anchored in my priorities for this year. Anchored for the changes our family will see with another job change occurring mid-year. Anchored for growth in my job and my passions. Anchored in relationships. Anchored in wellness. Anchored in simplicity. Anchored in mission. Anchored in what I know to be true.

4 thoughts on “2014: Anchored

  1. Great word for the year, Faith, and what an eye opening story you wrote. Very inspiring! Thanks for sharing, and I’m believing with you for a solidly anchored 2014.

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