The days of June are slipping between my fingers. Life is taking some drastic, exciting and unknown turns. Summer which started so slowly, so calmly is now like the roaring Ocoee.

Y’all, I’m tired. It’s been a very busy season.

So what’s my resolve? Is your season busy as well? Here is my reality over the past week or so. At first I tried to fight it.  Then, I had an a-ha. And ya know what? I’m settling in to this rhythm and my, oh my…

Taking it down a notch. Watching movies in the evening and sleeping in later than usual. Giving myself grace that I’m not getting in my needed quiet time every morning because my body is screaming for another hour of rest. Snaging a few sets of jumping rope or a few kettlebell swings in between home chores versus a 30 minute walk or run. Making a habit to take a relaxing bath and go to bed with semi-wet hair once a week. No one really cares nearly as much as I do what my hair looks like anyway. Implementing a casual day once a week within company dress code guidelines. One day where you wear a skirt or a maxi dress that honestly feels like you’re wearing pajamas. This, my friends, is summer.

Like I mentioned, life is about to pick up. I know I can’t control it. But I can certainly control sitting in the silence, smelling the aroma of fresh flowers from the market, sipping my iced coffee after work reading a book.

summa summa2

Does this mean I’m lazy? Heck no! I’m being super productive at work, knocking some of my #SuperSummer challenge items each day, tracking my clean eating journey, drinking water and moving. I’m just giving myself grace in that I’m in a season and know that one is coming up that I am going to need the extra rest-fuel I’m saving up. Just like bears go into hibernation in the winter, I feel I’m in a hibernation stage. I’m getting myself into the right frame of mind to attack the next season with continued intention, purpose and focus. All the while watching a movie and sleeping in every once and a while.



Need some accountability for something like this in your life? Check out my girl Krissie at Committed Coaching.  She’s got an amazing offering in July coming up that might be right up your ally!  

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