#SuperSummer Update 1

So I’m 10 days into #SuperSummer and like anything else, it’s been a roller coaster of sorts. I woke up on Saturday, June 1st around 6am (after my goal of a 5am wake time) to my wake-up light birds chirping and the beau standing across the room turning that alarm off.  Apparently he tried to wake me at 5 saying “alright, who’s ready to earn some points?” and I wasn’t having any of it. Funny thing is, I never even heard him.  Needless to say, May was exhausting.

The rest of that weekend however and even the first few days into the week, I was rocking some points. It was a game–like a live video game (I don’t even like video games) but I was winning this one. Water the flowers? POINTS! Do a 5 minute habit workout while the frittata’s cooking? POINTS! Eat Breakfast (hello, frittata!)?  POINTS! Drive to Lexington or work in silence? POINTS! 5 minute stretch while catching up on all un-read blogs?  DOUBLE POINTS!!  I was loving it.

Then the upswing of all the points came crashing down. It didn’t crash and burn, just a little reality set in. I had a great Google Hangout chat with my accountability pals which was really encouraging (Thanks!)  I need to re-evaluate some of my points. My theory going in was that I wanted to have as many options as possible to earn points. Why not? Why only set 5 goals for each point category when I could set 10. Reflecting on some recent conversations however, I’m reminded that I have a tendency when it comes to goal setting to go big. Like really, really, pseudo-unattainable big. And that’s exactly what happened.

I’m WAY over on the amount of Mind points I should have gotten in a week and right on target (according to the numbers) for Body points.  However, most of my body points came from things that didn’t necessarily make me sweat.

So here’s my plan moving forward in week 2?

  • Think. Take some time to really think about the goals I set and if they match their assigned point value.
  • Adjust.  Change some goals. Cut some out. Simplify. It’s allowed.
  • Balance. Integrate a goal of trying to find balance with Body and Mind points. One should not have be just shy of 1000 Body points in one week yet well over 2000 mind points. Perhaps I’ll give myself bonus points if my body and mind points are within a certain value of one another each day and each week. Any other #SuperSummer folks have thoughts?
  • Sweat.  Sweat daily. I must increase my activity. My body goals are valid pursuits, but I need to move. To sweat. To be sore.
  • Grace.   Give myself grace. This is a 3 month/100 day challenge for a reason.  I’m not going to learn all I’m hoping to, make all the changes I need to in 1 week.

Take care and be well!


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