May 2018…

I’m inspired this summer to make a difference in my life. To really start living in congruence with how I want my future self to look like. Cassie and Krissie spoke recently about goal setting. Krissie asked us to think about what we want our life to look like in five years. Reading some of the folks who are participating got me itching to write again. This post in particular stirred something within. As a start to the #SuperSummer Challenge, I’m taking a deep look at what I’d like my life to look like in five years. Hold on to your hats friends….


May. Always welcomed in my life. Not just because I’ll turn another year older (ahem , 37), but because the slowness of the season. School is out of session. Outdoor dining is the norm. The alarm goes off in the pre-dawn hours in our room and I so desperately want to curl up into the beau’s strong arms, but I know I’ll never get out of bed if I do. I also know those two little ones down the hall will bolt out of their beds if I don’t bolt out of mine first to catch the alarm.

I sneak into the kids room to steal a kiss before lacing up my sneakers to go for a run. Those small faces melt me. As much as I want to just be their mama and cuddle with them, I know the pavement awaits me–the “athlete” hat beckons me daily. The time in which the beau is in his element of caring for the littles and I’m in my element clearing my head.

After a quick run, I return to the house, where my favorite cup with hot coffee, journal and pen await me on the porch. The beau knows I need my time–the “me” hat– to connect with my soul, spirit and God, otherwise, I’m not the best version of me.  He also knows once I enter that house, the “Mama” hat comes on and for a few hours until I’m at work, those littles are my priority.

I gladly wear the “Mama” hat as the beau heads out to his shift at the hospital.  Once the littles are with the sitter, I get a few hours uninterrupted to focus on my work.  Being a working Mama has made my productivity soar when the “professional” hat is on. As much as I longed for the Mama hat, I’ve always wanted them to know me as something other than “Mom.” I love how their dad talks to them about how I help people make their dreams a reality. Just like I did with my own life.  After a productive 3-4 hour work stint, I always connect with a friend for lunch or coffee before picking up the littles and putting that Mom hat back on.  I’m so grateful to have a flexible part-time work environment that allows for days to work from home when necessary. The afternoons are spent outside, visiting with friends, taking naps on the patio, enjoying the wading pool.

As much as I wish I could wear the “cook” hat more often during the week, it’s just not possible when I’m home with the littles before the beau returns from shift. I love having the flexibility of our CSA and garden produce to make up the bulk of our dinners–salads, roasted veggies, etc. It’s always easy to pull out a side of a cookup casserole made the weekend prior to round out our dinner.

Weekends find us out trying the newest restaurant to come to town, hiking at nearby spots and running or volunteering in local races.  Our home which is a sanctuary during the week, becomes a haven of community with familiar faces of our friends and family over for dinner. Laughter roars, tears shed, warm embraces. So grateful for these familiar sights for our kids.

Regardless of what the day holds, we play the clean up game and get the kidlets into bed, and then the beau and I settle down for us time. “Wife” hat. We settle on the back patio with a cup of tea or glass of wine and talk about our day. We each have a book in hand or a snip-it of an article we read throughout the day we couldn’t wait to share during this time. This is my life.  And I love it.


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