faithfulness and balance

As the semester comes to a close for me, I’m constantly thinking and reflecting about what went well, what things to change next semester or next spring and how to maximize my summer time. Believe you me, all educators know that you blink and suddenly you’re turning your calendar to August 1 and few of the items on your “summer list” have been checked off.


This semester was incredibly fast. There were some challenging days.  But it was also very good. It seemed as if once a month I was traveling or doing something outside the responsibilities of my job. I was very fortunate to attend a StrengthsQuest Intensive at my alma matter in February and have been brainstorming on how to incorporate this with students. In March, I had the wonderful opportunity to serve as the Volunteer Coordinator for RunTheBluegrass–the half-marathon held at Keeneland in Lexington, KY. This was the bucket-list half-marathon I ran last spring and although life threw some curve balls to my training, I still wanted to be involved and absolutely loved this experience. With 4000 runners, approximately 6000 guests at Keeneland and 200 volunteers, I definitely learned a lot about large-scale event planning. Definitely threw me back to New Student Orientation and Check-In energy and although I was exhausted, it was so worth it! April brought my class trip and graduation for Leadership Scott County and the end of the semester which is quite busy in and of itself. My interns made their final presentations, seniors prepare to don their cap and gown and I recall all the things that haven’t been confirmed before students or faculty duck out for summer. (Photo credit: ★ jox via photo pin cc)

May. One of my favorite months for a multitude of reasons. The biggest is that it brings a different pace to my life. Through all the busy-ness this season brought my way, I was still trying to do my best in all my goal areas for 2013. It’s hard to believe that it’s May and I still haven’t really posted a true overview for my yearly goals.  I’ve been chucking away at them, remaining silent in this space for a variety of reasons.


In April, I worked with a friend who is also starting her business as a running/wellness coach.  We looked at some goals, what things I feel need to be in place to make me happy. Many of our coaching sessions were over a run at West Sixth. The last week I’ve been reflecting on our last conversation. I’ve always been the type to have these huge goals. I know deep down that goals are to be attainable, and in my mind, they have been. However, I find myself disappointed at my self-discipline in actually attaining said goals.  Over the weekend, I spent a little extra quiet time fueling my soul with reflections in my journal entries over the past few months and preparing for the summer session of HelloMornings (a fantastic way to build accountability for morning quiet time, movement and planning). I re-read the e-book that HelloMornings was built off of, Maximize Your Morningsand something that the author Kat Lee said, jumped off the page for me.  (Photo credit: Perfesser via photo pin cc)

It’s about faithfulness and balance, not about perfection.

Talk about being stopped in your tracks. Whether it’s practicing a morning routine, or eating clean, or staying committed to a running plan–



Two things I strive for in my daily life, but had been failing at miserably for months.

That’s my goal for May. Be faithful in what I do and what’s important to me. No check-sheets or lists. Just faithfulness to what I have on my plate each day.

My accountability is just to show up.

Let faithfulness guide the things I commit to and may they be fueling my calling and passions and God given talents.  That will bring balance to all things in my life.

Be well,



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