My cup overfloweth

Walking to the car, it was a brisk Monday morning. The kind that bites when you get out of the car to walk into the office. My commute had been cluttered with thoughts of the preceding weekend, all the things on my to-do for the day, but nothing prepared me for the sharp air that took my breath when I opened the car door.

I gathered my work bag, made sure I had my keys and phone and slowly gathered my favorite ceramic mug from the console. The coffee steamed in the car, so once I  stepped onto the pavement, the steam was even more remarkable. However, the dance out of the car was quite tricky.

You see, I had my coffee in a travel mug when I had left for work. The one we purchased early one Sunday morning back in November at a CVS in Lexington. I was singing for our church’s 25th anniversary service and I had forgotten my travel mug. Knowing that I’d need a mug’s worth of coffee versus a small Styrofoam shooter, we acquired yet another travel mug.

But there’s something about a real mug. The way it fits in my hand. How I love drinking out of it sitting at my desk. So that brisk Monday, I transferred the hot contents of the travel mug into the Christmas mug I’ve made year round appropriate. Tricky task for a Monday.

So after I successfully made my way out of the car, looked around to see if any coworkers caught the sight of that jig, I began my trek into the office. Thankful to not have a big campus parking structure and short walk into the student center where my office lives, one foot in front of the other I began.

But I couldn’t take my normal stride. No, it wasn’t snowy or icy. My heels weren’t unreasonably high that day. So what was my trouble?

My cup was almost to the point of overflowing. Right up the the edge. I instantly recalled the work retreat years earlier when I became the joke each morning at breakfast–“When will she learn to not fill her cup so full!  There are refills, ya know, Faith.”

But I liked having a full cup. I liked the amount that was there. It was just right. It gave me just enough jolt I needed.

I just had to learn to slow down in the process of getting from point A to point B if I wanted my cup to be that full.  

Life is no different. My cup continues to be full. There are many things to juggle. When my cup gets a little less full and I feel I have a better handle, something else gets poured in.

But let me tell you a little secret–the flavor of this coffee is incredible with all these different things swirling around in there. I wouldn’t miss any bit of it for the world.  I’ve just got to learn to slow down a bit so I can enjoy every last drop.  

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