{Five-Minute Friday}-Thank You

Linking upwith Five-Minute Friday where the prompt is to write for 5 minutes flat – no editing, no over thinking, no backtracking. Here goes nothing…


We wipe the sleepies out of our eyes. Alarm going off at 4am.  Not unlike any other day. Although today will bring many miles under our belt once again, stops for coffee, and $12 split into six-$2 dollar increments for tolls will find their way into the sun-glass holder in Frank Sonata.

Muffins are made.  Chicken for snacking goes into the car.  Gifts to Mom, a jacket for the 40 degree day back when we’ll return.

600 mile round-trip.  3 days.  We’ve made it in 2 before.  A hotel room awaits us as opposed to the pull out couch at my aunts.

You didn’t sign up for this.  This wasn’t in the arrangement so to speak.  Marriage is to be a flowery ideal for at least the first 2 years before things really start to get real.  We had about 6 blissful months.

But I wouldn’t change the last 3 years with all their challenges.  We’ve made memories to last a lifetime in just 3 short years.  Buying our first home with friends thinking we’d lost our mind.  Learning more about home renovation than we ever thought we’d need to know.  Laughing (even still) at the December days with out heat in our home when we’d gamble at when would be the best time to take a shower (after dinner out at our favorite little diner with a pot of hot coffee on the table was the definite winner).

You didn’t sign up for weeks in Virgina with my ailing mom.  Spending hours in hospital rooms and rehab facilities.  Deciding if a wheelchair would fit in the trunk of our car was probably not on your list of “requirements” for the first new car you’d ever buy.

But you did so. Do so. Without fail. Daily.

Thank You.


4 thoughts on “{Five-Minute Friday}-Thank You

  1. Hello Faith, thank you for visiting and for your kind words. This is a wonderful tribute to a special man. I hope he reads it. Rosanne.

    P.S. My favourite colour is red, I love coffee and “anything or anyone with a story” too.

  2. Such a beautiful story of real life marriage! Sounds like you are blessed with a wonderful man. Been through a lot of that myself, but after 22 years of marriage it’s to be expected. Truly an exceptional match-up for you to weather it so early on. Praying blessings for you all!

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