Happy Thanksgiving…now share the love!

I hope you are enjoying a wonderful day of turkey, pumpkin pie, football and family today.  Perhaps your holiday looks different than most.  Regardless of where you find yourself.  If you have access to a computer to read this blog, you are blessed and have much to be grateful for.

I was introduced to more love letters by a colleague and we’ve written a bundle with our discipleship group to a woman in need of encouragement.

If you’re not familiar with the project, take 5 minutes to watch the following:


I’ll be sharing more in the coming weeks about how you can take your love for the written word and encouraging others to make a difference in December.  In the meantime, take some time today and write a letter.  A random love letter.  Leave it in the store you might visit tomorrow on Black Friday.  Underneath the napkin at Cracker Barrel where you’ll take in Thanksgiving dinner.  In the drive through with the Barista at 5am.  On the bed of your hotel as you check-out to drive back home to reality after the warm glow of Thanksgiving dissipates

Because, let’s face it.  We all could use a love letter.

Be well, and happy thanksgiving!


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