Reminders that strike you..

I always carry with me fond memories of my Grandpa.

This week, while at a conference in another city, I was doing my hair and makeup in the hotel bathroom while my roommate slept away.

Checking my email, I received this from my aunt and immediately lost it.  Crazy how some things just strike you a certain way on a certain day.

Her words said that in reading “Life of Pi” now, as opposed to the first time reading it in 2004, it has a totally different meaning.

One more to add to the book list.

……what arrested me… was that he was there—open, patient—in case someone, anyone, should want to talk to him; a problem of the soul, a heaviness of the heart, a darkness of the conscience, he would listen with love. He was a man whose profession it was to love, and he would offer comfort and guidance to the best of his ability.”

—  Life of Pi, by Yann Martel, p. 52.

Miss you Grandpa.



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