{Five-Minute Friday}–Stay

Linking upwith Five-Minute Friday where the prompt is to write for 5 minutes flat – no editing, no over thinking, no backtracking. Here goes nothing…



I sit in the room with somewhat familiar faces as my dear friend prays a beautiful prayer over me.


Be okay with the restlessness.  Be okay that you want to figure it all out, but I’m calling you, beckoning you to sit with me.


You’re already envisioning how your overly-analytical mind will process the information of the last few weeks.  But I’m envisioning us sitting down to a cup of coffee at your favorite little coffee shop, jazz music in the background, looking out at the fall leaves that I’ve created just for you on this bright, sunny day.


Yes, I have plans for you.  The blueprints for, I know you are itching to get a peek at.  But first, we must commune together.  Just you and I.  I want to make sure you’re prepared for the layout, that your expectations of the plan are low, but your faith in Me is high.


Water rushes down the side of the mountain.  You sit, knees curled up under, favorite NYC hoodie making this a cozy space for you.  The pumpkin spice coffee whirrs in the grinder and once it melds with the water in that magical machine, there is no telling where this day will go.


I have much I want to share with you.  Just stay.

3 thoughts on “{Five-Minute Friday}–Stay

  1. Hi, I’m dropping in from FMF. I love how your words flow together so wonderfully in your writing. I feel like I can see the beautiful leaves and smell the delicious coffee! How peaceful and happy. Thank you for sharing!

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