Don’t Lose Your Life

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Please hear me I’m not saying that there isn’t a place for having dreams and goals and plans…all I”m saying is don’t get so caught up in those things you forget everything else. Dang it, I pretty much just spoiled the whole post…continue reading…


We are to experience the abundant life ~Lara Williams

I mentioned turning 30 a few years ago and honestly, I really looked forward to it.  I know a lot of women really struggle with that number, but I embraced it.  I have always had friends older than I, and I loved their perspective of feeling they really felt at home in their skin–more confident, sure of themselves, fearless, and brave–upon reaching that milestone age so many fear.

My favorite cake (same as our wedding cake!)

In turn with that excitement, I created the 30 before 30 list.  You know, that bucket list of things I intended to check off before leaving my 20’s behind.  Lots of things on the list and I had every intention of knocking them all out of the park solid.  Some were trivial (start composting), some more difficult (run a 1/2 marathon), but I set out to check off this list.  My list.

Say ‘no’ to the voices and listen to God. ~Sarah Mae

Then life happened.  Things with my Mom’s illness started snowballing and although I thought I could still get them done, the list got left in the dust.

My 30th birthday came and went with wonderful celebrations with the beau and family and friends.  No worries, I thought–I’ll complete the list within my 30th year of living.

The one I knew that would take the most effort was the half-marathon.  So I started training.

Mind you, the beau and I ran our first 5K on Thanksgiving 2010.  I turned 30 in May of 2011.  On March 31st, 2012, I ran my  half-marathon.  41 days prior to turning 31.

Proof–that’s my name on that bib!

In chasing that dream, I had to make it my priority.  Being a slow runner, my Saturdays became dedicated to long runs.  I ruled out connecting with friends, housework and trips to Virginia because I had to get in a run.  Sometimes other things that probably should have been my priority.

Saying ‘yes’ to something is saying no to something else (husband, kids, health, extended family, etc.) ~The Nester

You see, truth be told, I was not ready to run a half-marathon.  I wasn’t the last person out on the course, but I was close to it.  I got so focused on meeting that goal that come hell or high water, I would cross that finish line and get that medal around my neck.  Both things that I did.  But at what cost?  I was so focused on running that all other forms of physical cross-training went out the window.  Assuming I’d shed some pounds and make the run easier, I didn’t realize that long distance runs can make you gain weight (depending on your eating habits).

So, yes, I have the medal.  But what did I sacrifice in the meantime?  Thankfully, it was nothing earth-shattering.

Am I doing the right things well? ~Ann Voskamp

But was I doing what I was meant to be doing in that season?  I will say that there were some relationships formed through that experience that have been so life-giving.  I met an amazing group of runners in my area that continue to encourage and inspire me to this day.

But was I being realistic about where I was at in the moment or was I chasing after a dream?

Worship God by being obedient to where you are right now, no matter how big or small. ~Sally Clarkson

Unfortunately I have to say it was the latter.

So this morning, my alarm went off early as it always does and even though the temperatures said 27 degrees, I layered up, dusted off my running shoes and hit the pavement.  I’m taking things slow this go round.  No big goal in the immediate future.  Just work on speed.  Run a bunch of 5K’s to improve my time.  The beau and I discussed a holiday run to see where we are as we’ll miss our traditional Thanksgiving Day run due to his school schedule.  And sure, I’d love to run my next half-marathon next fall, but I’m gonna take it one day at a time for right now.  I have hope that it can happen and I want to do it the right way.

Jesus can do big things when we share about hope. ~Annie Downs

I’m hopeful that life isn’t about missing the everyday moments of grace we are afforded because we’re chasing the next big shiny thing or checking something off our bucket list.

Be well,

{This is post #2 in my reflections from Allume 2012.  Click here to visit the rest of the series.}

11 thoughts on “Don’t Lose Your Life

  1. Sometimes just getting up and being there to shut the alarm off on the first ding is a win, any work beyond that is a bonus. I’m very proud of you and know you are capable of things far beyond your own comprehension. You are my inspiration.

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