{Five-Minute Friday}- Quiet

Linking up  with Five-Minute Friday where the prompt is to write for 5 minutes flat – no editing, no over thinking, no backtracking. Here goes nothing…


Click, click.  The hum of the heater blows softly through the room.  Thoughts swirling.  Like little arrows or shooting stars.

What does this mean for my life?

How can I implement this?

How does this affect others.

Questions.  Constantly swirling around.  Making little room for stillness.

I pull out my journal from my faithful canvas bag.  The pages are weathered–too many coffee spills, water bottle explosions and travels have worn well on the edges of the moleskin.  It’s trusty black, smooth exterior calls to me.  I know that the interior is much more real.  Messy.  My desire for consistency in penmanship and pen type has been overruled by too many days in a coffee-shop  or in the waiting room without my trusty sharpie nearby.

Today though, those sharpies come clean out of their burlap container.  The rainbow of colors await the next step.  The journal opens to a new page, crisp, but awaiting words to spill forth.

But what do I hear?  “Be still and know that I am God.”

I sit restless with the blank pages.


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