Five-Minute Friday: Roots

Linking up (for the very first time! AGH) with Five-Minute Friday where the prompt is to write for 5 minutes flat – no editing, no over thinking, no backtracking. Here goes nothing…


They go deep.  The knots that swirl one over another, back and forth across the bottom of the trunk.  My small little limbs can barely reach up the trunk and I’m fascinated with the little lines around my feet.  I crouch down, in a perfect yogic squat, not knowing that at age 30, I’ll wish I could go back to age 2 and mimic the same.

My little chubby fingers lay on the roots.  Not knowing that what I see on the surface goes so. much.  deeper.

No way for my little mind to grasp it at 2.

But I know now.  Visiting that tree in Virginia yearly, I was always in awe of the diameter of the trunk, but now reflecting back.  What about those roots?  How deep would they have to be to support such a tree.

I now wonder just how often I look at the surface.  Look at what is popular.  Look at the large diameter of people, co-workers, friends at church, other bloggers.  Look at their pretty leaves.  The diameter of their trunk.  Their reach is so wide.  Their ministry is so much prettier than mine.

And here I am going back to my 2 year old self, loving the roots.  Getting down and dirty with the patterns.  Knowing that there’s something to what’s beneath the surface.


The big oak is on the site of Camp Bethel, where my aunts, uncles and many of my cousins and I spent our summers at church camp in Virginia. The circumference (not diameter) is 28 feet!

6 thoughts on “Five-Minute Friday: Roots

  1. Hey there, welcome to Five Minute Friday… You did an excellent job! It kind of hit me that I too see the surface way too often in people. I love to remember, or see through my kid’s eyes, how different the world really is.
    Thanks for joining us…I’m really new at blogging AND FMF too… it’s encouraging and a great deal of fun.

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