Monday morning. Alarm goes off at 4.  The beau stumbles up, charged by the test awaiting him.  Must.  Study.

Something else stirs me to not hit the snooze (as per usual) and join him downstairs. No gym this Monday rest day.  Just me, my journal, coffee and Jesus.

17 hours to process.  God knew what I needed to hear.

“Relax with Me while I ready you for action.” ~Jesus Calling

“God has made us what we are.” ~Ephesians 2:10

“Think about that you don’t become tired and give up.” ~Hebrews 12:3

“You are familiar with all my ways.” ~Psalm 139: 3

“Always natural, always relaxed.  Get still awhile and let God paint it through you. Let God reveal what was there all along.” ~I Will Lift Up Mine Eyes, Glenn Clark

“I will renew the spirit of those who are humbled and the courage of those who are crushed.” ~Isaiah 57:15

Did  ever he know.  He has been working in me for the past several months on discerning more clearly the call to ministry He has on my life.  I fully believe that we are all called to be ministers in our day-to-day lives as Romans 12 so plainly describes.  But lately, I’ve been restless.  Partly, I do need a perspective shift as my new friend Annie so boldly spoke some truth into my life. But I know there is more.  And I’m waiting.  Allume was what I needed in the waiting.

My commentary is still being internally edited on the keynotes and other speakers, but I have a few thoughts that I know will be headers to those chapters:

  • Be genuine.
  • Don’t lose your life.
  • Spend time daily to work on your craft.
  • Perfection is not the point.
  • Some seasons we will work in the cracks of our lives.
  • God’s call isn’t more for Him, but more with Him.

Perhaps I just outlined a 6-week blog series.

The two thoughts that somewhat bookend my weekend:

  • “My grace is sufficient.” God’s word to me Friday morning at the HelloMornings meetup.
  • “The secret of good writing is good living in secret.” Hearing the wisdom of Ann Voskamp Saturday evening in the closing keynote.

“Our ‘feelings’ are true, but often unreliable.  Let truth smack my feelings in the face.” ~Lara Williams, HelloMornings meetup.

Be well,


19 thoughts on “Truth.

    • Thanks Lynette–it was a major challenge for me to not get caught up in trying to DO everything perfectly, when my focus really needs to be on developing my relationship with Chris. Everything else is just wax that fills in the cracks.

  1. Faith, so blessed to have met you at Allume! Your cheerful smile and joyful spirit were constantly uplifting! I’ll be forever processing all of this…yes, keeping good living in secret and waiting for him to speak at the forefront!

  2. Great thoughts!! And if we just did ONE of the 6 in your bullet points, we would be moving in the right direction! Looking forward to reading your 6 week blog series ….thank you!

  3. Love this! Yes, yes, yes – I think elaborating on these in a 6-blog series sounds fabulous!

    Don’t lose your life & God’s call isn’t more for Him, but more with Him really go hand in hand for me. These were two of my biggest takeaways from the Allume Conference too. It really all comes back to priorities for each season of our life. This really speaks to me right now as I’m reminded that many can do the official ministry work that I do through my “job.” However, my hubby only has one wife to love, honor, and respect him & my sweet Sophie only has one Momma who can love, cherish, and raise her to be the woman God longs for her to be. All of the roles in my life come from the overflow of my time just being with God. So, my time with Him each day must be of highest priority, as I long to do all of those other roles well.

    • Absolutely! Great thoughts and challenge for me this morning, Kel. I love what the folks at Hello Mornings said in their meetup–we want your leftovers. God must be our priority, then our family and all the other things that we push toward the middle of the plate–sometimes, we just need to put them in a to-go box and deal with them later.

  4. I love the bit you shared from Jesus calling about relaxing with Jesus while he makes us ready for action! I think that is exactly what Allume desires to do…to create a space where we can come and receive and be poured into so that we can pour out! Day to day ministry….a life poured out in the honor and service of a most worthy King! Love your heart shared here!

  5. What a delightfully written post. I read it three times because so many wonderful nuggets where intertwined into the thoughts you pour forth!

    I love that you understand like I do that perfection is not the end result we need to seek!

  6. What God whispered and affirmed in me at Allume is coming out in bits and pieces, too. SO, SO glad to meet you! Looking forward to getting to know you better 😉

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