Friends.  This season I’m in has just felt like a pair of shoes you tolerate, but just aren’t your most comfortable pair.  Still trying to stay positive, look at the bright side and learn all the lessons I’m meant to learn, but sometimes, the blisters just outweigh the gratefulness in my heart that I can walk.  I know far too many people in my inner circle who would love to just walk.  And I’m complaining about these shoes…

I’m still lovin’ life, don’t get me wrong, just trying to settle in to this season that seems to be ever changing and ever challenging in it’s own right.  These periodic posts don’t necessarily even help, since I feel like the broken record that keeps saying the big “what” in my life, but I’m missing the details.  Missing the important things.  The things that keep me truckin’ every day.  I have so much to be thankful for.  Grateful for. My life is so very full and even though that full also equates busy, I don’t ever want to be too busy to slow down to smell the roses.  Enjoy the good things life has afforded me in the last few weeks…

Like volunteering for the Bourbon Chase.

Celebrating an awesome three years with my beau.

Having a wonderful trip to see my Mom in VA.

Enjoying an impromptu Reds game and seeing their last game of the season (one of the best and worst games ever to see in person).

So in an effort to post more in this space, to cultivate a spirit of gratitude, I’ll be taking after my dear friend Krissie (who has been an inspiration in so many ways) by posting a daily photo of something I’m grateful for.


Can I just tell you that long before I knew of LexRunLadies, Krissie, followed her on twitter, met her in person and realized what an awesome person she is, I knew of this “Thankful in November”  Facebook page.  Yup.  A student at Georgetown started it because he ran across her blog.  And now here we are.  


So what am I thankful for today?

The simplicity and beauty of one of my favorite things about fall (And as I write this, Eva Cassidy singing Autumn Leaves comes on the iPod!)

Be well,


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