the pendulum

I look over and his chin is on his chest.  8:40 when bedtime is at 9:30. Monday has caught up. One week of school and work. Busy weekend. So, this is how it’s gonna be, eh?

Fast paced. Rushed. Those words alone just make me tremble. Seriously. My heart races and I become beside myself when I’m moving at a pace that I just can’t keep up with.

“Slow your roll.” A phrase heard occasionally on the college campus where I work.

In our town, we recently became the recipients of newly paved blacktop in our downtown area. With this came new bike lanes (yay!) but what went was the second lane of traffic heading towards our downtown area. A school and a pre-school line that street and there have been far too many days where I’ve just wanted to close my eyes as folks are just going way too fast for comfort with the little tykes out and about.

Life moves fast.  In the past 24 hours I heard of a high school class mate who was killed in an automobile accident and a college acquaintance who had a stroke at age 32. I don’t know why these things happen. All I could think of when I heard the news is–my…life is short and it seems to be moving all too fast.

Now I know there are some movers and shakers out there. You folks who go and go and go. I know that we aren’t all made the same and we all have different gifts and ways of moving through this life. I get that. There is still something deep down inside that just pulls at my heartstrings that we must slow down. We go at such a rat-race pace, what will happen when we do stop?

Yes, it is crazy (and even I think so reading this post) that the first week of back to school for the beau and the week our classes resume is the week I post on slowing down. I promise I have not lost my mind. But I will say that God has sustained us and given us the strength to endure. To be courageous for the tasks at hand.  We’ve been able to completely check off the to-do lists at the end of each day, roll into bed completely exhausted, but completely fruitful and excited about all that was accomplished and what lies ahead for the next day.

And this has taken place without being fast. I have not felt rushed. Late. Wiped.  I’ve been energized, able, open and listening to what opportunities are presented not with the view of how adding this to my plate will make me late or stressed, but thankful to have the skill and ability to help.

It’s the pendulum I’ll talk about with my students tomorrow. Knowing how to strike that delicate, delicate balance of work and rest (or work and play for college students). White Space. Knowing the season of life well enough to know when to work, when to rest and to put yourself fully into whichever season or space you may find yourself. I think i may finally be getting it.

Psalm 27:4 says “Wait with hope for the lord. Be strong, and let your heart be courageous. Yes, wait with hope for the lord.”

Strong. Courageous. Hopeful.

Let it be me.

Be well,

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