#honesty day 9

Is it really already the 9th?  Wow…I’ve been writing.  I have.  I have also missed 2 days.  Driving on Sunday back from Virginia and wasn’t feeling good at all.  Yesterday was a crazy busy day and as I was out on a jog this am I thought–“SNAP!  You forgot to write yesterday.”

I love the process.  For me it’s been more intensive journaling and creating the practice.  For others, perhaps it’s creative or writing towards a goal of a book.

So although this space may be blank, my journal isn’t.  And my head isn’t.  I’ve had lots of good blog thoughts rolling around and I can’t wait to share.

Be well!


One thought on “#honesty day 9

  1. I’ve already seen an uptick in my brain just thinking more creatively. I’ve had ideas pop in. I’ve had the urge to write more and more often throughout the day. I’ve written lots of specific pieces this week for various blogs and haven’t done much journaling or creative-type of writing, but I’m okay with that.

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