#honesty-day 1

I had several conversations about vulnerability today.  In work, marriage, friendship, the church.  With our parents.  Why is it so scary to be honest?

Because the truth hurts, friends.

But when we are prepared for vulnerable moments, the truth sets us free.

When we have invested in the relationship it’s easier to be vulnerable.  When time is laid on the line, we can be ourselves.

How did we arrive here though?  How did our investment begin? It was small. Responding to that email.  Picking up the phone.  Showing up for the 7am run, not knowing a soul.

And that wasn’t so bad, was it?  Of course not.  We were not alone.  We knew there would be the friendly face in the Gold Altima waiting.  The hand of that reached across the table to grab yours.  The reassuring voice on the other side of the line.

Because we all desire to belong.  To be validated.  To be apart of community.

And what, you ask, makes that community thrive?  Goals.  Morning Runs.  30 minute writing sessions.


Be well friends,


This post is apart of a writing series affectionately named, LoAnyWriMo.  Join me, Krissie and Lydia as we tackle our creative demons and write for 30 minutes a day in August.  


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