Going Green…Smoothie, that is.

One of my first Green Smoothies Months ago!

About 3 weeks ago, I was introduced to Casey Sollack of She Shines Wellness Revolution.  She was speaking on self-care as a business owner, and my own interests in health and wellness definitely struck a chord with a lot of what she was saying.  I’m a huge proponent of fitness and eating right, but I also believe that some other components get the shaft often–sleep, balance (aka: saying “no”) and the holistic elements of wellness (mind, body and soul, not just body).

Casey has a lot of training and experience so it was great to hear what she had to share.  Some of her core beliefs when it comes to wellness is the importance of Water, Sleep, Alkalizing your body by Limiting Meats and increasing your green leafy vegetables and doing so by Green Smoothies.  Now we are still Paleo, so we’re definitely still eating meat, but we were by no means getting the amount of green leafy veggies needed, so my ears perked up about these smoothies.

Casey just finished up a 10 Day Eat Clean Challenge where she sent out daily emails of info and encouragement (and Green smoothie recipes) as well as created a Facebook community of over 250 people taking her up on the challenge.  While I’ll honestly admit that I didn’t follow every one of her challenge guidelines to the T, she was okay with that.  She communicated over and over that this was YOUR challenge to get out of what YOU wanted.  Now, following it to the T was recommended, but I never once felt restricted or harped upon if anyone “fell” off the plan.

My favorite thing was finding my own love affair with Green Smoothies.  I’ve made some in the past and did truly love them, but I felt encouraged to break out of my simple little box and get creative.  You can really use any type of greens you have on hand–I’ve been using what we’ve gotten in our CSA paired with Spinach, so we’ve had a rotating blender bowl of kale, swiss chard and spinach on any given day.  (Casey would say rotating your greens is super important!) The Beau is on board which is great and we both feel awesome about getting in so many green vegetables before noon each day!  Green smoothies have replaced our typical morning breakfast of Bacon and Eggs.  We’ll treat ourselves to an omelet on the weekend and that makes those even more special.  For all you [Green] skeptics out there, yes–it does look a little weird and sometimes (when you add blackberries for instance) it’s even a dark plum/brown color.  But the goodness inside outweighs any weird stares I’ve gotten when walking into work with my Green Smoothie each day.

My favorite recipe so far has been the Apple Pie Smoothie.  Smoothies are great for traveling (as I mentioned we’ve been doing a lot of lately) and so this was one of those mornings I thought I’d get creative.  Someone mentioned in the Facebook group they were missing Apple Pie on the challenge and if anyone had a smoothie recipe for that–I didn’t at the time, but made one up and boy was it delicious!

Apple Pie Smoothie on the Road!

Apple Pie Smoothie

What You Need:

  • 1 c. Coconut Milk (carton)
  • Small Handful of Spinach
  • Small Handful of Swiss Chard
  • Pinch of Parsley
  • 2 apples (cored)
  • 1 frozen banana
  • 1 c. mixed frozen fruit
  • 1 tbsp. Almond Butter
  • Dash of Vanilla
  • Dash of Cinnamon

What To Do:

  • Pour your coconut milk into the blender and then put your greens in.  After securely putting the lid on, begin to blend
  • While that is doing it’s thang, get your other ingredients out and prepped–core the apples, get the almond butter out, frozen fruit, etc.  Let the blender work it’s magic for a while.  I just have a regular blender, so I’ll stop it, take the lid off, and then put in the frozen banana and blend again.  (I don’t put everything in at once since I don’t have a vitamix as you’ll see Casey does.)  Then put in the frozen fruit and blend.
  • While that is blending, cut up the apples and then put those in the top (I Just pop off the removable part of the lid and keep it blending).
  • Lastly, turning the machine off, I put in the almond butter, vanilla and cinnamon and then securing the lid, blend one last time.  I keep mine blending for a bit so that it’s a little frothy.

I’ve tried LOTS Of variations on smoothies, putting in some pretty random veggies from time to time.  Abundance of green peppers?  Throw them in the smoothie!  Carrots looking a little overdue?  Throw them in as well!  The beau said today’s was one of the best he’s had.  It had cantelope and carrots in it!

My key would be keep things moving so it isn’t chunky.


PS-Here’s a little video of Casey making her Signature She Shines Wellness Revolution Smoothie!

4 thoughts on “Going Green…Smoothie, that is.

  1. Love this, Faith! I’ve realized I love green smoothies now too… SO fun and just makes you feel good knowing you had so much green goodness so early in the day! Definitely a new thing for us. 🙂

    • I know! And especially with little ones! So fun and C probably doesn’t even care that it’s green! Lew has already said that if we have kiddos (esp. boys) who smirk at the green, we’ll just tell them it’s dinosaur/monster blood. 🙂

  2. I have a quart everyday for breakfast but mine are very simple: greens of some sort, apple, banana and pear with water. Or if I’m out of apples I’ll use a small orange.

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