Five Friday Fun Facts

Preface: I have a student who has recently started helping me with some projects who loves alliteration.  I think its’ rubbed off. 

List #1: Things I’ve newly become fond of:

  1. My Tervis Tumbler that holds…
  2. My new love of spinach smoothies
  3. Camelbak water bottles–I’ve already drank 2 this morning–my bathroom breaks slowed down my morning routine!
  4. Lifting Weights.  I love that I’m becoming strong.  And I also love this shirt!
  5. My ThirtyOne Organizing Utility Tote–who knew I would love all those pockets!

List #2: Random Life Long Loves:

  1. Being a redhead and other fantastic redheads.
  2. Books.
  3. Being outside.
  4. Walking barefoot in grass.
  5. Going to baseball games.

List #3: Top Five Favorite Foods of all time:

  1. Macaroni and Cheese (especially Malone’s!)
  2. Chicken Bryan from Carrabbas
  3. Western Omelets from Fava’s (Georgetown) and the Lunchbox (Maysville)
  4. Dr. Watson from Macadoos in Virginia
  5. Anything from Salsa’s in Asheville

List #4: Random things to know about me in my childhood:

  1. I was a cheerleader in middle school–Go Sheffey Wildcats!
  2. I HATED to run when in school.  The 1 mile timed test was the death of me.
  3. I used to love country music–especially Travis Tritt and Reba McEntire (hello, redhead!)
  4. I LOVED the color purple (the color not the movie, although it’s pretty great.)
  5. I almost skipped two grade levels (3rd to 5th) based on my reading levels and social skills, but my Mom insisted that I not.  Math would have really been the death of me and I wouldn’t have wanted to graduate HS at 16.

List #5: Things that have changed since my childhood:

  1. A lot more outgoing–I was really shy when I was younger.  Much more out of my shell now, especially around new people.
  2. Love to run!
  3. Country music is the one genre I’m not a huge fan of, however, I’ve become a BIG fan of bluegrass.
  4. RED is my favorite color by a mile.
  5. I’m becoming more into fashion than I ever have been.  This definitely started when I turned 30 last May–I don’t feel 30 at all, but I didn’t want to look 30.  I still love being in jeans and a hoodie, I just feel I’m taking a bit more pride in myself (this also has something to do with being more fit and active, I’m sure)

What are the things that would be on YOUR List?  Repost on your blog and link back!

Have a wonderful weekend friends!

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