I’ve not been nearly as disciplined with recording my One Thousand Gifts as I had intended, but I’m gonna camp out here for a little bit today…I have a lot to be thankful for this Monday.

  1. The safety of a home knowing destruction was just miles away.
  2. A new running group that even though I was the slowest of the bunch, still welcomed, encouraged and challenged me.
  3. The most beautiful running course I have laid eyes on.  I’ll get several more miles of beauty in 4 weeks when I tackle my first 1/2 marathon.
  4. Monthly Breakfast club with my smallies gals.  You know you’re with friends who are more like family when you can come post-run, throwing on metallic flats and a jean skirt on over your running leggins and proceed to scarf down what was left of the breakfast provided. Don’t worry–I threw on a some body spray and a little mascara as to not be too scary–there were infants present.
  5. Being so extremely tired from a (an almost) 9 mile run, but yet so excited feeling as if you could conquer the world.
  6. An amazing church that challenges me to challenge the status quo and truly listen to God and what he’s saying.
  7. Lovely Sabbath Sundays.
  8. Crafting!  (I promise, I’ll share some photos on Friday!)
  9. Good family management convos with the beau–calendar, budget, meal plan, cleaning plan, hospitality plan.
  10. Making tough decisions in light of being more aware of how we spend time and money.
  11. The creativity to look up lots of new fun recipes and have the adventurous spirit to try them and be creative in the kitchen.
  12. Finding a new food blog with lots of Paleo crockpot options!
  13. Waking up to a gorgeous snowfall this morning–at 2:30am!
  14. Being so excited about the snow that we called a movie-thon downstairs.
  15. Almost in disbelief that this is a possibility for my future!  More on this to come!  Stay tuned!




PS–And a Happy Early Birthday to my dear friend Kelly!  Check out the 30 hour sale at iBloom–doors opened early due to the crazy response!

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